FansProject Causality Armored Battalion In Package Images


Our sponsor TFSource has posted in-box images of the FansProject DX Armored Battalion set. The set consists of Deluxe Insecticon themed redecos of the three FansProject Causality Insecticons, with various remolded parts to better distinguish them from the originals. They come packaged in a window box showing off all three pieces.

TFSource still has a few of this exclusive limited edition set available, head over to TFSource to order yours if you want some Classics-flavored Deluxe Insecticons to bolster your collection.

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  1. thielmj's Avatar thielmj says

    So these nice insecticon colors are apparently tfsources exclusive according to the front page of their site.

    Will add a link when not on my phone.

  2. Megatron31's Avatar Megatron31 says

    wasnt the initial releases 59 each???

    im not sure on this one

  3. DoubleClouder's Avatar DoubleClouder says

    Yep, already pre-ordered, not really a fan of it being exclusive to TFSource, but oh well. I think regular FP Insecticons were $48 a piece at bbts so not too bad.

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