The Art Of Fall Of Cybertron Preview


Thanks to IDW Publishing we have a preview for the long awaited and oft-delayed, The Art Of Transformers Fall Of Cybertron!

The Art Of Transformers Fall Of Cybertron
The curtain is raised on the biggest and best TRANSFORMERS game in history! See never-before-revealed art from the genre-smashing TRANSFORMERS: FALL OF CYBERTRON! Watch as OPTIMUS PRIME, GRIMLOCK, BUMBLEBEE, and SHOCKWAVE grow from conceptual sketches into finished, fully-realized characters; witness the development of CYBERTRON into the most detailed renderings of the planet that have ever existed; learn the behind-the-scenes secrets from the visionary artists at Activision and High Moon Studios! THE ART OF TRANSFORMERS: FALL OF CYBERTRON is a must-have for any fan of Transformers, gaming, or great art!

Read on to preview this highly anticipated Transformers art book!

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  1. Bossguy has no avatar! Bossguy says

    Awesome! I just hope it comes with the concept art of the insecticons!

  2. HeroicC300's Avatar HeroicC300 says

    Wow, so much interesting details and it's not even the character designs yet!

  3. Blackout32's Avatar Blackout32 says

    I had said something about this about 2 month ago and no one said anything about it on what I posted. I do intend to get this though cause to me I love the way they look and I am hoping I could find me a poster of these characters too.

  4. Girl Pants's Avatar Girl Pants says


    I loved FoC, but really? It's just Gears of War but you can be a car or plane sometimes.

    Still, I'm very interested in this book.

  5. Transformed's Avatar Transformed says

    Can't wait for this book to ship. There are so many pictures from WFC that I've been dying to see for 2 years now, and soon I'll finally be able to see them in their entirety

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