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Wondering if you should pick up the recently released Arms Micron Nemesis Prime With Giza? Well our very own SydneyY has posted a pictorial review of this repaint of Arms Micron Optimus! It even comes with stickers to make it look like past Nemesis Prime‘s…or even…RID Scourge!

Read on to see how this figure turned out!

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  1. SydneyY's Avatar SydneyY says

    To be honest, by the time I got this figure this morning, I didn't want it anymore. The reason is Dark Guard Optimus Prime. I wasn't sure if I needed 2 versions of black TFP Primes. But hey, he is here....

    Once I got the figure out of the box, my mood was greatly improved. Nemesis Prime has a very nice shade of dark grey. He doesn't look quite black to me.

    Nemesis Prime

    (sorry about the robot mode not proper.)

    He only requires 4 stickers applied according to the instruction. 2 Decepticon insignias and headlights.

    More about the stickers later

    Arms Micron Giza

    I haven't built many Arms Microns, but this one was the simplest of all. Applying blade stickers was tricky as always, but stickers can be reapplied a couple of times if you are careful. Can't do anything about the wrinkles though....

    His alt mode is a saw shark (nokogirizame).

    weapon mode is a blade. Nice and big! (Comparison with R.A. - Ratchet's Arms Micron)

    Now, Nemesis Prime comes with "optional" stickers and they are teal. I do think he looks great without stickers. It's a simple but very effective repaint.

    But TEAL stickers. How could I not apply them?

    The instruction has suggestions as to where the extra stickers can be applied, and I followed the example.

    There was even one to add teal shine to his crotch!

    (I peeled it off after taking some photos - I guess I have to draw the line somewhere )

    What I have settled with is like this -

    My conclusion is, this is a great repaint with very fun optional stickers. I'll add some comparison shots with other black Primes tomorrow. (Unfortunately I don't have my AM1 optimus Prime anymore)

    Gallery here!
    Prime Japan Arms Micron Nemesis Prime with Giza

  2. Shin Densetsu's Avatar Shin Densetsu says

    Originally Posted by sydneyy
    To be honest, by the time I got this figure this morning, I didn't want it anymore. The reason is Dark Guard Optimus Prime. I wasn't sure if I needed 2 versions of black TFP Primes. But hey, he is here....
    The easy solution, use this guy as Generations RID SCOURGE! That's what I'm doing! Since I didn't buy the Club RID Scourge repaint of RTS G2 Prime...

    Plus this one in alt mode and's kind of a match for RTS G2 Prime..

  3. BlueAngel_Bolt's Avatar BlueAngel_Bolt says

    That's actually not a bad idea, using it as a Generations RID Scourge. I might just do that if I feel like the TFCC one doesn't cut it.

  4. Kaijumaster's Avatar Kaijumaster says

    Great Photos, but I still maintain if you own RID Scourge & Universe 1.0 Nemesis have all the "Black Optimus" you need.

  5. TFPrime's Avatar TFPrime says

    Can't wait for mine..and I'm definitely going full color crotch.

  6. Thelonicon's Avatar Thelonicon says

    *Insert common complaint about lack of paint apps on AM releases*

    That said, I think he makes quite a nice looking Scourge. The speckled plastic adds a little something extra to what could have been a boring straight black.

  7. Stygian360's Avatar Stygian360 says

    If Takara eliminates the stickers for their 2013 Prime toys I would be one happy camper!! I really hate them in most cases. They are already starting to peel from early figures like Skywarp (whose 'gut' Decepticon symbol is peeling off) and I can just see what will happen with figures who have more stickers than others- peel-o-mania!!

    Back on topic. Nemesis Prime here is actually a study in minimalism where stickers are concerned, so it completely works for him to have pretty much none at all. The non-Silas Breakdown is a similar story... the fewer stickers the better. Otherwise, N.P. looks awesome! Not sure I want another of this mold though- even with the cool red window and dark coloring- but time will tell.

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