Transformers Prime UK Marathon & Gangnam Style Commercial

UK fans, it seems it is our turn for a Transformers Prime marathon on CN Too next weekend! Between 9am and 5pm GMT on Saturday and Sunday, CN Too will be airing episodes from the first two seasons of Transformers Prime (confusingly if listings are to be believed season 2 is airing on Saturday up until Triangulation, with the rest of Saturday filled out with mid-season 1 episodes, then season 1 from the start on Sunday).

There’s a commercial running for the marathon, setting clips from Transformers Prime to Gangnam Style – check it out below:

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  1. Grimlockimus's Avatar Grimlockimus says


    Either I'm drunk as heck right now...
    Or this is real. Either way I have soiled myself

  2. Deceptigtar's Avatar Deceptigtar says

    Not even doing the dance. Just rehashed clips played forward and backwards looks like.

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