Transformers GT Race Queen Figures Revealed


Mere hours after getting our first look at the Transformers GT characters in their robot modes, we are able to now share with you a look at the “Race Queens” figures that come with the Transformers GT releases. Far from being the non-poseable PVC figures with optional alternate parts of the Binaltech Asterisk and Kiss Players series, these are 90mm tall fully poseable figures using the modern Microman body. At this scale they are probably not going to be in scale with the Transformers they come with, but hey, since when were Transformers toys ever even in scale with each other?

These pictures coming at you courtesy of Big Bad Toy Store. Check out their preorders for the Transformers GT releases: GT Prime and GT Saber.

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  1. Knightdramon's Avatar Knightdramon says

    Beautiful. Their feet are a bit HUGE from the remould, and Saber's head looks almost 2D from the picture, but they rock hard.

    Kudos. Can't wait for Maximus.

  2. Stepper has no avatar! Stepper says

    TakTomy can't do any thing regardsing to the feet wise because it is after all using the same mold as the Red Convoy

  3. Type-R's Avatar Type-R says

    Now that we have a clear look at Saber's bot mode color scheme, I think it doesn't quite work. The Star Saber name and homage is what's saving it.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how big the microman race queen figures are. I doubt they'd be in the same scale as the cars. They're probably what's bumping the price up so much.

  4. GaussGunner's Avatar GaussGunner says

    Originally Posted by Sovietbot View Post
    How unfortunate that the Star Saber does not long antennae. (
    That same OP but with a different color and weapons :/

  5. mastermega's Avatar mastermega says

    These pics convinced me I just preordered star saber. I wonder what powers he will have.

  6. Thundershot's Avatar Thundershot says

    Dammit. Just preordered them both. Why do they have to be so pricey??

  7. Type-R's Avatar Type-R says

    Originally Posted by Thundershot View Post
    Dammit. Just preordered them both. Why do they have to be so pricey??
    The race queen microman figures that are packaged with them add to the cost. From what we've seen, they won't be in scale with the cars but larger articulated microman figures.

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