IGear MW-09 Tubes and MW-01B Manatee Announced


Site sponsor Bigbadtoystore has updated with some new preorders from 3rd Party Group Igear. Up for preorder, and limited to 500 pieces, are MW-09 Tubes (a homage of G1 Pipes) and MW-01B Manatee (a homage to the Whale G.I.Joe vehicle). These two are available for preorder separately or together as a set. The figures are estimated to arrive in February.

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  1. Transbot90210's Avatar Transbot90210 says

    So that's it? That's Pipes? Our dreams of an upscaled Rager are crushed?

  2. TFao's Avatar TFao says

    So Tubes is just a straight repaint of Rager... No new headsculpt?

    On a related note, even though it is now undersized by the other iGear MWs (and often requested by the fandom to be upsized accordingly), this Rager mold is a pretty damn sweet money maker for them.

    I mean how many repaints have there been so far? And, to me at least, all of them look pretty great too.

    Originally Posted by Transbot90210 View Post
    So that's it? That's Pipes? Our dreams of an upscaled Rager are crushed?

    I was thinking the same...

  3. Timesynch's Avatar Timesynch says

    Not sure who that green/black Spray is supposed to be. As for blue Rager, I'm somewhat disappointed that's all we get for Pipes. And $40 for a near Legends class figure is pretty redonkulous. That's like Con exclusive pricing.

  4. slugslinger2004's Avatar slugslinger2004 says

    I so hope those are just mock up images. Definite pass on both until proven otherwise.

  5. HighPrime's Avatar HighPrime says

    Not that this will make it any better for some, but appears to be limited to 500 and BBTS has all 500 allocated. Might be an exclusive for them. $35 each if you buy them as a set

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