Transformers 4 may film in China


Entertainment site Vulture reports that their inside sources close to the Transformers 4 production team are informing them that Transformers 4 may film in China, and may even be co-produced between Michael Bay’s production company and a Chinese partner company. The basis of the report is an increasing desire for US made films to make it in the notoriously tough Chinese box office. The article also includes a statement from Paramount, stating that “the script is still being written” and “it is not a Chinese co-production”, so make of it all what you will.

It’s not impossible that China may be involved in Transformers 4 in some way – after all, we have reports that London may have some location filming and that Bangkok is being considered. For now, take this as a rumor – albeit one that would make good financial sense should it play out.

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  1. ken8kuhletz08's Avatar ken8kuhletz08 says

    Paramount Hopes to Set Transformers 4 in China -- Vulture

    It appears there's more to the news about TF4 shooting in Thailand:

    As for today’s story by the Hollywood Reporter that a Transformers location scout had just visited Thailand to explore shooting there: That country could be an additional location, or the visit could possibly be a negotiating tactic to let the Chinese know Paramount has other options. But either way, we are assured by our sources that China is the first choice for the production and that Bay has been contemplating ways to make the film with a Chinese partner.

  2. wildfly's Avatar wildfly says

    Let the record show i said something cynical about their motivations.

  3. Autovolt 127's Avatar Autovolt 127 says

    Originally Posted by MV95 View Post
    Bay must've enjoyed filming in China for TF2.
    I thought that was filmed somewhere in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh?

  4. TFXProtector has no avatar! TFXProtector says

    Originally Posted by Autovolt 127 View Post
    I thought that was filmed somewhere in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh?
    Allentown, near Philly.

  5. MV95's Avatar MV95 says

    Originally Posted by TFXProtector View Post
    Allentown, near Philly.
    huh. Learned something new today lol

  6. LegendAntihero has no avatar! LegendAntihero says

    If he wants to film in China to save money on actors, someone tell him I would volunteer if I was paid in movie merchandise.

  7. Onslaught24's Avatar Onslaught24 says

    hey, maybe we'll see Prime with his Year of the Dragon trailer. or maybe he'll be disguised as a dragon

  8. Ash from Carolina's Avatar Ash from Carolina says

    Given the ever expanding market for films in China I could see why Paramount would want an edge over other studios for part of that market.

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