Nike Flyposite Megatron Sneakers – Black Friday Release, $190 pricetag


A bit more info on those Nike Flyposite Megatron edition sneakers for you now. By way of Sneakerfiles, we have a bit of info on when these are coming out and also the cost. Unfortunately they aren’t cheap, and they are Black Friday release items. They’re due out next Friday, 23 November, and they are set to retail for $190. The site also notes they are limited quantities, so these are out-and-out Black Friday exclusives for those brave enough to face the crowds.

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  1. GizmoTron has no avatar! GizmoTron says

    Would have been better to have the real Decepticon emblem on the shoe.

    Come on, Nike, you're a billion dollar shoe company, you could have paid for the license.

  2. RoadRage's Avatar RoadRage says

    YES YES FANGANSM ALL OVER AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!..............................Just a huge con fan REALLY WILL GET AND KILL for em!!!

  3. Lbsammills51's Avatar Lbsammills51 says

    I actually like those. They look pretty slick and are a nice blend of G1/Transformer references and athletic shoe designs. I think I want these, I just hope they're not too limited.

  4. Janeails22x's Avatar Janeails22x says

    Very Interesting to see the use of a football helmet facemask and visor into the design of the logo. Pretty well done if you ask me.

    So does Hasbro not have a trademark on the "Megatron" name or something? It's not like he is, or has been, "Decepticon Megatron" on packaging. There HAS to be something preventing Nike from using that name on Merchandise. Perhaps the split words "Mega" and "Tron" imply two different words (Lawyer friendly) and thus create the illusion of one?

  5. Hoptimus's Avatar Hoptimus says

    Disney would probably have an issue w/ Nike using "Tron".

    Wait- they don't transform?! PASS!

  6. Galvatron Rage's Avatar Galvatron Rage says

    I'm guessing they're pushing the limits of what's acceptable before they need a license. I mean, it has the name Megatron (okay, its Mega Tron, sure), and a pseudo-faction logo on it!

    Originally Posted by stevej View Post
    Worst. Merch. Ever.
    Haha, you must have not seen the most recent Optimus Prime and Grimlock hoodies! Those were WAY worse!

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