Featured Ebay Auctions – Prototypes


For our Featured Ebay Auctions, we have a number of Transformers Prototypes to check out. From unreleased to just plain cool items, you can check them out below.

Transformers Prototype Optimus Prime Machine Wars Universe Menasor G1 G2 | eBay
Transformers Titanium Die Cast 6″ Scourge Prototype | eBay
Transformers Generation 2 Jazz Unpainted Prototype Test Shot Diecast 1992 Takara | eBay
Transformers Alternators Swerve Finished Prototype Purple Autobot Symbol | eBay
Transformers G1 Powermaster Optimus Prime Reissue Tru Prototype RARE | eBay
Toothpaste Green Tidalwave Green Armada Megatron Prototypes | eBay
Tranformers Robot Heroes Prototype Galvatron | eBay
Beastwars Waspinator Prototype Testshot | eBay
Transformers Scorponok Energon Prototype RARE | eBay