Polygon Pictures Joins With Silver Ant For Transformers: Prime – Beast Hunters


Polygon Pictures, who delivers you the outstanding animation of Day Time Emmy Award winning series; Transformers: Prime is joining hands with Malaysian based animation studio Silver Ant to bring you the third season, titled Beast Hunters.

Polygon Pictures has provided computer-generated graphics for feature films and videogames, with the “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” animated series being one of its representative works. It also operates a licensing business for its original works.

Silver Ant is one of leading animation studios in Malaysia. Its original 3-D animated feature “SeeFooD” was theatrically released in more than 90 countries and regions.

The joint company, Silver Ant PPI, will work with local universities, develop creative capabilities through staff members from Polygon Pictures and establish a coordinated production management system to serve as a speedy, high-quality content production base in the country, the Japanese company said.

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  1. Sprocket has no avatar! Sprocket says

    So they're expanding their studio to other countries to deal with increased demand?

    I'm honestly surprised it took this long: even My Little Pony moved some of its production to...Singapore? by season two.

  2. General Tekno's Avatar General Tekno says

    Given Beast Hunters is a shorter season, I'm guessing this means one of two things:

    1. The workload is increased THAT much on BH (new assets/characters/etc)
    2. Polygon's been getting more work as a result of their work on Prime, and needs to expand.

  3. SilverOptimus's Avatar SilverOptimus says

    Originally Posted by ken8kuhletz08 View Post
    So, Silver Ant Animation Studios will be teaming up with Polygon Pictures for S3. The Malaysian company has this kind of animation in their ranks:

    SeeFood 2012 Trailer - YouTube

    I think it could work for TFP's Beast Hunter season.
    Warning: The opening of this video might scare the pants off of you.

  4. ken8kuhletz08's Avatar ken8kuhletz08 says

    Originally Posted by NIBMRatchet View Post
    Warning: The opening of this video might scare the pants off of you.
    Made me jump, too.

  5. O.Supreme's Avatar O.Supreme says

    I just think its kind of Amazing. With traditional Cell animation and a trained eye, you call tell the subtle differences in design when different animation houses produce different episodes of the same series. however with a CG series, it will be interesting t see how apparaent (if at all) the differences are. All we have seen is the teaser from NYCC. I'm curious now to know, was that Polygon or Silver Ant Animation?? I would like to see a sample of something from TF: Prime animated by SilverAnt to see if it is up to par with Polygon.

  6. Grimwing's Avatar Grimwing says

    Well that's cool. If nothing else it's probably to get the new models done on time.

  7. Atomatron's Avatar Atomatron says

    so ... may? if this partnership just announced bulk of work not done/begun yet or what?

    w/e how long it takes is how long it takes

    all i ask is for is a season 4 at least 16 long.

    that is all.

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