Transformers United EX Story Chapters 5 and 6 Translated


Our fellow fans at The Allspark have shared translations of the next two chapters of the Transformers United EX story. Chapter 5, The Dragon pays his dues[/url] and Chapter 6, Destruction and Regeneration[/url]. Story chapter 5, published on the box for Grim Master, introduces the character of Grim Master into the story. His chapter reveals that he’s an ex-Decepticon who was once saved by an Autobot commander, and eventually joined the Autobot side to protect the Earth that is precious to him and repay his debt. He’s a reformed version of the Dinoforce member Kakuryu from Transformers Victory – his chapter also features references to another former Decepticon ally, Clouder aka Doubleclouder from Masterforce!

Story chapter 6, Destruction and Regeneration, throws Road Master into the mix. A powerful mercenery hired by the Decepticon’s new leader referred to only as “the High Regent”, it is revealed that he is also a Junkion who betrayed his home world – he is a new form of the E-Hobby character, Detritus!

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  1. Tux Chaos X's Avatar Tux Chaos X says

    I think Grimmaster as Kakuryu was called earlier; good thing to see it's confirmed with his release.

    Roadmaster as Detritus is totally out of left-field, however; he hasn't been seen in ANYTHING, IIRC, except his own bios.

    EDIT: One thing though; last we saw him, Clouder was DoubleClouder, and had joined the Decepticons after separating from his human pilot. I wouldn't be too quick to trust him just yet. (Unless of course they're referring to the human Clouder and not the animated Transtector).

  2. Chris McFeely's Avatar Chris McFeely says

    Originally Posted by Tux Chaos X View Post
    (Unless of course they're referring to the human Clouder).
    They are. He's a major in the Department of Defense, expanding upon some vague hints about his occupation in the Masterforce cartoon.

  3. Rotorstorm's Avatar Rotorstorm says

    KAKURYU! Fantastic, shame the Powercore combiners never had this much depth to their bios. Also a shame that the Dinobot and Constructicon set were really the only decent ones.

  4. scubaboy31's Avatar scubaboy31 says

    While I was already a fan of this toy, him becoming a reformed Kakaryu is absolutely amazing to me. My absolute love of the Dinoforce makes this guy a firm favourite of mine now, possibly forever. Seeing as its the only one I'll ever own in toy form, I suppose he's a keeper!

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