TFW2005 Creative Spotlight: deliciouspeter’s Prime-style Barricade


TFW2005’s Creative subforums have been churning out quality work non-stop since the last TFW2005 Creative Spotlight, where we looked at Cheetimus Prime’s take on Cybertronian Beast Wars characters. This week, we are dipping once more into the Radicons subforum with a custom by deliciouspeter.

Given the title of a “Vehicon Commander”, deliciouspeter created a Transformers: Prime version of Barricade from the 2007 Live Action movie out of a First Edition Deluxe Bumblebee and the head from a Hunt for the Decepticons Hailstorm. As usual, we interviewed deliciouspeter about his customs history, as well as the creative process behind this work. Check out the interview after the jump.

What will be featured in the next entry? Tune in on November 26th to find out. In the meantime, don’t forget to keep it here on TFW2005 as we bring you the latest news as it happens. TFW2005: Let’s get a little bit of backstory on yourself. How did you get your start making customs?
deliciouspeter: Inspiration from other customizers. I remember seeing an Energon Ironhide/Jetfire painted up in Overlord colors. It was genius. Also a B’Boom from Cybertron Defense Scattershot. I like “surprise” ideas like that. Where you can’t imagine how they came up with it, but it is perfect! I started to look at stock Transformers in a new light, looking for little features that could make them into new characters.

TFW2005: Do you see yourself still making customs in the future?
deliciouspeter: Oh yeah. My collection lives in bins now, and all of it is custom fodder. I’ve slowed down a bit, but I keep my workbench clear to start something new when inspiration strikes.

TFW2005: Any future plans for your customs?
deliciouspeter: I keep a spreadsheet of ideas and the paint/parts I need to complete them, but most of them will never come to life. Off the top of my head, I have a Ultra sized Grimlock, Claw Jaw, Scourge, Kup and Longarm in progress.

TFW2005: Do you have a favorite work of yours?

deliciouspeter: An oldie, but my “beast” version of Movie Bonecrusher, made from Beast Wars Sea Clamp (Tripredicus). It exemplifies everything I like about customs: A simple repaint, but once complete you see the character it is meant to be. (EDITOR’S NOTE: For ease of access, we have attached an image of this custom to the news story.)

TFW2005: What was your inspiration behind the mold choice with your custom/s?
deliciouspeter: He was a series of happy accidents. I had put my FE Bumblebee in a red dye bath, with the intention to make a G1-ish Smokescreen. Since most of the red would be on the roof and hood of vehicle mode, and the most friction points, I thought a base of red would be best. The dye only took to the joints, leaving Bee mostly yellow, but looking a lot like Armada Hot Shot. In looking for a suitable head, I randomly popped Hailstorm’s head on. It fit perfectly, and immediately struck me as Barricade. Then I made up some cop-type weapons and painted everything flat black.

TFW2005: Is there anything you wish you could improved on or have done differently?
deliciouspeter: The decals are from reprolabels, and meant for the movie Mustang version of Barricade, so they don’t quite line up on the doors. Other than that, it remains on of my favorite customs I’ve ever done.

TFW2005: How did you go about creating this? Was there anything different from your normal processes that you had to go through?
deliciouspeter: Minor modifications using the light bar from Movie Barricade, cut in half and attached to the roof. Paint is testors model master acrylic, all applied with paintbrush. I don’t usually take my figures apart, other than easy balljoints and screws, I like to test friction/rub points as I paint along. What I did differently this time is use reprolabels, and I’m so glad I did. They really completed the figure.

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  1. deliciouspeter's Avatar deliciouspeter says


    Updated with more paint, labels, lightbar and a scratch built baton (made from a crazy straw, thanks to Jin Saotome)

    -edit...made an extra baton and a "hard light baton" a la Futurama. Love those straws!

    Check out my facebook page for more photos, customs and works in progress
    Deliciouspeter Custom Action Figures | Facebook

  2. NICKBOT's Avatar NICKBOT says

    That is fantastic! Really love the paint apps, and the overall aesthetic. Can't wait to see the alt mode. I'd suggest some amount of purple to give him a more Vehicon look.

  3. Slipstreamer 8's Avatar Slipstreamer 8 says

    this is talent right here...... I could really see this as being a Botcon exculsive

  4. BombSquad's Avatar BombSquad says

    Originally Posted by Cybermnky View Post
    Looking really good - what head is that though?
    I believe it is HFTD Hailstorm (or RTS Mindset).

  5. Satomiblood's Avatar Satomiblood says

    Originally Posted by BombSquad View Post
    I believe it is HFTD Hailstorm (or RTS Mindset).
    Hailstorm. I sold him the head.

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