Michael Bay Talks Transformers 4 Plot, Mark Wahlberg And Shia


Despite mixed reaction from fans, the entertainment industry is praising director Michael Bay on selecting actor Mark Wahlberg for Transformers 4. According to MTV:

“It’s an absolutely brilliant move,” MTV Geek editor Valerie Gallaher tells MTV News of Wahlberg’s casting. “It’ll keep this franchise fresh.”

“The guy can act – as anyone who has seen ‘Boogie Nights’ or ‘The Departed’ can attest to,” agrees Brian Truitt with USA Today. “And he brings sort of an exasperated ‘Come on, alien robots, are you kidding me?!’ vibe that would make for a great and different dynamic.”

Meanwhile TMZ contacted the director via phone. Find out what Mr. Bay had to say about Transformers 4 Plot, Mark Wahlberg’s Character And Shia’s Comments, after the jump. TFW2005 rough transcript :

TMZ: So big huge news in Hollywood today. The Transformers Franchise will go on and instead of Shia Labeouf, they have landed Mark Wahlberg for the lead role in this. Which is just awesome… everybody loves Wahlberg. Perfect fit for this. And what was real interesting about this… we were talking about this in the news room, and we remember Shia Labeouf came out and said some things about the franchise that he felt like he didn’t have enough creative freedom in this. Well, now you are… gone. And Mark Wahlber is in this. It feels like Director Michael Bay really won that one. And what’s really great is we were able to get Michael Bay on the phone to talk to us about this today. Michael, How you doing?

Michael: Hey guys, how are you?

TMZ: Not as good as you. We don’t have Mark Wahlberg. Can you send him over to host our show one day, when Harvey’s gone?

Michael: He’s a fun guy. Just finished working with him on Pain & Gain, a crime story that we finished in Miami.

TMZ: So tell us, how did this deal get put together and how did you score Wahlberg for the Transformers Franchise?

Michael: I don’t know… just something we thought about a bit. You saw the whole Internet Rumor that he was on. And that wasn’t really true. And we were in the inception part of the story. And just talking with Stephen Spielberg. And that was a great way to really take this franchise in a different direction. We’re doing a lot of things that are going to really make it feel fresh and new. And he’s an actor, he has accomplished, he’s an Academy Award Nominee and I love working with him and he’s got a great sense of comedy and great pathos. He’s a guy who can handle great action. And he never had a huge franchise. So this is something that really appealed to him. He said “I really want to show a movie to my kids”. You know? It kinda happened.

TMZ: So Michael, let’s talk about the fact that… you know.. you had couple of your Transformers Stars… you know… have some not-so-kind-things to say.

Michael: Listen guys, you got to understand, fame is very hard on young people. It’s… I kind of helped raise Shia for three movies. And it’s… it’s really tough. Fame is a very rough thing. And you know Shia LaBeouf is a great, great guy. He’s a great actor. And I have nothing but respect for him.

TMZ: Did you take offense or did it hurt when he said…

Michael: No, No.

TMZ: …His comment about not enough creativity doing these big blockbusters?

Michael: What he’s saying is he wants to be taken seriously. And sometimes when you’re in a blockbuster, people don’t take you seriously. You know? I think that’s what he’s really saying. He’s going through more of a smaller role.

TMZ: He’s in his Art House Stage now.

Michael: You know… listen… he’s only 26.

TMZ: So he will be back?

Michael: He will be back.

TMZ: So, any early idea of what the story is going to be on Transformers and how Mark… He’s not taking over Shia’s role?

Michael: No no. The movie will continue four years from the Attack on Chicago; which is in the last movie. So it’s going to still have the same lineage. And it’s going a full new direction and feels very natural how it’s going in that direction, there is no way you’re going to ever find out what the story because you don’t have to dig through my trash but I shredded my trash…

TMZ: [Laughing]

Michael:..Pentagon level encryption on our computers. So good luck to ya!

TMZ: We’ll.. we’ll wait till you come out and tell us. By the way, just a suggestion you know I’m not a director or anything but we are showing some shots of Mark from the set of Pain & Gain may be you wanna have his shirt off in Transformers too.

Michael: I think that’s “Baby Fat” He ate so much… he ate seven meals a day.

TMZ: You gotta see his gym. He’s unbelievably huge. There’s a reason for that… he works out more than us.

Michael: Exactly, exactly. You know he actually lost 30 pounds for the next movie which is three weeks after Pain and Gain. Which is crazy.

TmZ: Were you working out with him in the gym? Obviously he was working out… everybody was working out. You were surrounded by really huge guys in this film.

Michael: Dwayne was someone who rubs body oil on him all day.

TMZ: [Laughing]

Michael: He gets wet with Baby Oil.

TMZ: Look at him. There’s a shot of you standing next to him. He looks huge and you got to boss that guy around.

Michael: Yeah. I’m not intimidate by those guys. Trust me.

TMZ: [Laughing]

TMZ: So when do we expect [Transformers 4]? 2014?

Michael: Yeah, July 4th 2014.

TMZ: You already knows it’s July 4th, 2014?

Michael: Yeah… come-on?

TMZ: Of course you do.

TMZ: Alright. Keep us posted what’s going on. Shirts off.

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  1. Albershide's Avatar Albershide says

    In a interview with TMZ, Michael Bay shared his thoughts on Shia's negative comments about the movies. He said that Shia is 26 now and it's normal that he wants to be taken more seriously. And that a big blockbuster movie surely won't do that for you.
    He also discussed his new lead Mark Wahlberg and that indeed the internet was the reason for them to team up.
    Finally he talked about the story. It'll be in a completely new direction and will start 4 years after DOTM. And that it's more easy to discuss the story with Spielberg and Krueger when you already have a character for the story.

    For the full interview check here: (from 18:00 to 24:00 minute)

    TMZ Live: 'Modern Family' Star Ariel Winter -- Mom at WAR with Sisters | TMZ.com

  2. fallen_revenge's Avatar fallen_revenge says

    I think you linked the wrong video, this video is only 9 minutes long.

  3. Transbot90210's Avatar Transbot90210 says

    I guess MB's handlers got a hold of him. Shai spoke negatively about the franchise and MB didn't explode, in fact that was a pretty mature answer.

    I didn't watch the video so I am only going by the OP's quote.

  4. Daimao has no avatar! Daimao says

    Originally Posted by Transbot90210 View Post
    I guess MB's handlers got a hold of him. Shai spoke negatively about the franchise and MB didn't explode, in fact that was a pretty mature answer.

    I didn't watch the video so I am only going by the OP's quote.
    I know, I came in expecting him to bash Shia, glad he sounded professional this time. And 4 years after DotM, good, that should squash the rumors that Wahlberg will play an older Sam

  5. bigevil801's Avatar bigevil801 says

    Michael Bay saying that the internet was a reason to team up on transformers? There is plenty of people saying how much they hate Marky Mark also.

  6. Shepard Prime's Avatar Shepard Prime says

    I think Bay only really blows up on someone who he doesn't respect and/or feels they are talking out the side of their mouth (or the back of their @$$ for that matter).

    SHia gets a pass because he's always said good things about SHia and honestly gets him as a friend. Meagan doesn't because she's b!tched and complained from day one, going back to the first movie.

  7. ErbFan28's Avatar ErbFan28 says

    4 years and in a completely new direction....hmm. Almost sounds like a reboot

  8. Nerdicon's Avatar Nerdicon says

    I can deal with Wahlberg. He's a decent actor. Though I'd rather he play HotRod. Just sayin.

  9. QLRformer's Avatar QLRformer says

    This interview gives me nothing beyond praise for what Shia's done, and what Mark's going to do. And maybe some suggestive comments involving the Rock and oil.

    I wished there was more on the film itself and its story, that's all. Still keeping my fingers crossed for more updates though.

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