American Greetings 2012 Transformers Movie Megatron Ornament


Following on from the American Greetings Transformers Movie themed ornaments from the last few years, this year American Greetings is offering up a movie Megatron Christmas ornament. The Decepticon leader’s head, as depicted in Dark of the Moon with its scarring on the right side of the face, can glare down at you from your Christmas tree as you exchange gifts with your family this holiday season if you pick up this ornament.

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  1. Bendimus Prime's Avatar Bendimus Prime says

    Didn't see anything about this on the site. Found this while I was at Fred Meyer here in Port Orchard, Washington tonight:

    Following last year's Bumblebee head, this year we have "chunk out of my head" DotM Megatron.

    There's a button on the back of his head that makes his eyes light up, and he says phrases from the movie.

  2. Batman's Avatar Batman says

    I saw this a month ago in person at the store. Much cooler than Bee was last year. If I remember correctly he says "Who would you be without me Prime?"

    I picked up the Prime from a couple years ago and it is pretty awesome.

  3. FatalT 71's Avatar FatalT 71 says

    No thanks, I'll stick to my Vader's TIE Advanced as my marquee ornament.

  4. moreprimeland's Avatar moreprimeland says

    I bought several of the Optimus head ornaments--love them and they look great, but nothing says Christmas like Megatron's head hanging on your tree.

  5. soundwaverulls's Avatar soundwaverulls says

    So Optimus is selling off his face collection. I wonder what he needs the money for?

  6. Dinobot747's Avatar Dinobot747 says

    OK. I have to get that. Fred Meyer, you say?

    Awesome! Just looked it up and whaddya know, there's one in my local mall! I must make a trip there ASAP.

  7. Liege Prime's Avatar Liege Prime says

    I saw that at Fred Meyer in Bothell, WA about a week ago. I already have a bunch of Transformers ornaments, and I just find it funny that they went with Megatron's busted head for an ornament.

  8. jametron's Avatar jametron says

    Originally Posted by eagc7 View Post
    So thats what they did with his head after Optimus ripepd it off

    As much as I like this, I find it bizzare that this was seen as a good idea for a CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT... especially with that devious phrase!

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