ToyArena Update -Bruticus, Soundwave, Striker, PE-12 and More


We have received an update from our sponsors over at ToyArena! Highlights of this new update include the following items now in stock:

Perfect Effect PE-12 AGX Assault Force X Camera Set Transformers Bruticus Maximus Reissue Asian Exclusive G1 Color Action Figure Transformers Dark Of The Moon APS-01 Striker Optimus Prime Asia Premium Series APS01 Transformers Generation Fall of Cybertron Soundwave w/ Laserbeak Voyager Class FOC

Check out the ToyArena Blog[/url] for more updates, or head over to Toyarena to start shopping!

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    I grabbed the PE-12x set because of the free mini-pe 11. First order with this company, see how it goes

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