Featured Auctions – Assorted Botcon Items


For our Featured Ebay Auctions, we’re taking a look at some of the various items to be exclusive to Botcon throughout the years. Take a look below.

Transformers Botcon 2008 Shattered Glass Box Set | eBay
Botcon 2006 Box Set 100 | eBay
Transformers Heroes of Cybertron G1 Botcon 2003 Chicago Set of 6 MOSC | eBay
RARE 1994 Botcon Exclusive Breakdown Decepticon with Pin and Entry Ticket | eBay
Transformers Botcon Exclusive 1999 Optimus Prime Mosaic Poster 34″x22″ RARE | eBay
Transformers Universe 2003 Botcon Exclusive Sideswipe | eBay
Transformers Botcon 2010 Exclusive Generation 2 Redux Boxed Set | eBay
Transformers Botcon 1999 Beast Wars Windrazor | eBay
Transformers Botcon 2007 Vector Sigma with Key and Stand Mint in SEALED Bag | eBay
Transformers Botcon 2001 TM Transmetal Tigatron MISB New | eBay
Transformers BotCon 2009 Wings of Honor box set MIB