Dengeki Hobby November Edition Scans


Robot Kingdom[/url] has posted some scans from the November edition of Dengeki Hobby magazine. As well as upcoming Transformers Prime releases Nemesis Prime, CyLAS Breakdown and Smokescreen and the Masterpiece series releases, there is a solid page dedicated to the entire Japanese Transformers Generations line revealed so far. There is also a page of coverage looking at the various upcoming store exclusives and Lucky Draw items. Read on to check the all out.

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  1. PikaManiac has no avatar! PikaManiac says

    Originally Posted by Cheem The Rup View Post
    and also Bandai chogokin transformers type ?!?
    Relax, that's a "Megazord".

  2. Matrix Soul's Avatar Matrix Soul says

    Originally Posted by PikaManiac View Post
    Relax, that's a "Megazord".
    Actually, it is the Robo Itarsha from Akibaranger

  3. Cheem The Rup's Avatar Cheem The Rup says

    No it's not a Megazord, I collect seriously also sentai mechas (almost all japanese versions) and this is more similar to a transformer in my eyes

  4. adambman's Avatar adambman says

    I wish I wasn't so out of the loop with mecha and robts that didn't get rehashed into western cartoons through the '80s and beyond, but I would probably want to start colleting them!

    Great find Cheem! Lots of items we've seen here previously but some ofthe layouts inspre anticipation (MP Decepticon page) or temptation.

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