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For a while now we’ve been hearing that Maketoys has a robot in production based on The Fallen, named Mobain. We’d seen that it had Power Core Combiner functionality, that the arms and legs could split off to form weapons systems or sets of limbs for the Power Core Combiners in their own right. Now it appears that Maketoys is splitting up the Mobain, with the limbs-tank being sold separately in two different decos. The set is named “Missile Launcher” and comes in “Jungle Type” green deco colored to match Power Core Combiners Heavy Tread, and “Marine Type” gray deco, ostensibly colored to match with Undertow. According to the linked pages on Big Bad Toy Store, they are going to retail at $54.99 and are due for a release in December.

There’s still no word on the teased black deco or the release of the second tank that was shown in early pictures and presumably forms the core robot of the Mobain. One can assume from Maketoy’s past form, though, that the core tank will be released separately and then a giftset – with the source-material accurate deco – will follow afterwards.

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  1. deaculpa's Avatar deaculpa says

    Just the first half? I'd bite if it was in black/orange fallen colors. But we saw this deco on MTs website some time ago.

  2. masishadow has no avatar! masishadow says

    Originally Posted by deaculpa View Post
    Just the first half? I'd bite if it was in black/orange fallen colors.
    Same here. I don't know why they're releasing half of it in two different decos...that are not the fallen deco.

  3. Satomiblood's Avatar Satomiblood says

    Wow, totally didn't know about these beforehand. I will say that the jungle camo set looks a lot better than the missile one, especially since it appears to have been made specifically for PCC Heavytread.

  4. Lbsammills51's Avatar Lbsammills51 says

    I'll wait for Fallen colors too.

    Anyone at least mildly surprised by the listed ETA? That's the first Mobine releases plus the two Battle Tanker redecos all listed as hitting in December. I was figuring sometime next year before any Mobine release.

  5. Nemesis251's Avatar Nemesis251 says

    I believe those are for the people that were interested just to boost up their PPC's. Another way to capitalize on the mold. Meanwhile, my shelf is ready for the Fallen deco.

  6. Rodimus89's Avatar Rodimus89 says

    Nice Im thinking of getting the jungle type for my extra heavytread! Not 100% sure though

  7. Kraken's Avatar Kraken says

    Damn, that's an annoying way of doing it. Now I'm completely torn to which deco to get. I assume they're going to be releasing the core guy in the same deco's?

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