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Meister79, posting over at the Allspark, has shared an interesting bit of news with the fandom. He’s posted a Takara-Tomy solicitation which includes a whole bunch of new toy names which we have not previously heard about. Toys on the list include:

United Reflecter (sic) – This one is priced at the Deluxe pricepoint, so it is potentially a release of the Reveal the Shield Perceptor redeco with the alternate head mentioned at Botcon 2010.
United Hard Head – again a Deluxe priced release, this might well be a release of the Deluxe Warpath with the alternate, Hardhead inspired tooling.
United Shock Wave – priced the same as the Takara-Tomy Generations Optimus Prime and Jazz, so potentially a release of the Fall of Cybertron toy with a shiny paint job like the Takara-Tomy Generations are sporting.
United Gremrock (sic) – again, priced at the Deluxe pricepoint like Shockwave.
United Starscream
United Swindle

There are also two new Transformers Prime Arms Micron entries on the list:

AM36 MMOG Thundertron – this sounds like an Arms Micron series release for Thundertron. What is of interest is that first bit – MMOG – which might possibly stand for “Massive Multiplayer Online Game”, i.e. suggesting that Thundertron is going to make an appearance in one of the online Transformers games currently in development. Potentially Transformers Universe since we already know the Star Seekers are represented in that game.
AM37 Preview Optimus Prime Re-do – This is at the Arms Micron Deluxe pricepoint so it is potentially second release for Japan of the First Edition Optimus Prime Deluxe class toy, although your guess is as good as ours what the “re-do” means.

The list itself includes a healthy mix of Takra-Tomy Japanese market items and also confirmed Asia exclusives, so time will tell if any of those United toys will be released in Japan or will be more Asia exclusives.

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  1. PoweredConvoy's Avatar PoweredConvoy says

    The Allspark: Transformers News Movie Comics Animated - United Reflector and Hardhead on Their Way?

    Note these listings were previously the first to confirm the Alternity releases (Dai Atlas, Goldbug, Banzai-Tron, and Galvatron), the Sixshot reissue, as well as Masterpiece Sunstorm.

    Looks like they're coming and using the unused head.

    Also there is a listing separate from the Arms Micron Shockwave for United Shockwave.

    Also looks like Thundertron is getting a release in Arms Micron as well as the Deluxe Optimus again.

    I imagine these are TakaraTomy's Generations, unless they're going to be TFAsia.com releases like the Seeker set.


  2. General Tekno's Avatar General Tekno says

    Cool; finally.

    Been waiting on that Reflector for AGES now.

  3. Cal's Avatar Cal says

    Coincidence! I was just thinking about whether or not we'd get that Reflector retool of Perceptor and suddenly this turns up. Hardhead is an added bonus and should prove to be a more satisfying alternative to Universe Hardhead.

    On a side note, I wonder if Takara will ever release Skullgrin as Dauros. Isn't he popular in Japan?

  4. Lbsammills51's Avatar Lbsammills51 says

    That's cool about Reflector, I'm glad that's going to see a release after all.

    For those that were interested, that's cool about Hardhead - personally, I'm good with the Universe Ultra with the Headrobots upgrades (I have two for one of each version of Hothead), but like with Reflector, it's nice that we'll finally get to see it.

  5. Bountyan's Avatar Bountyan says

    Originally Posted by ex dtw2003 View Post
    Which Reflector is this?
    Redeco of Perceptor IIRC.

  6. General Tekno's Avatar General Tekno says

    I'm curious what head they'll use - they made a faceplated head that's more accurate to Reflector's toy, but not to his animation model so much.

  7. Lbsammills51's Avatar Lbsammills51 says

    I just read the article to see what it said about the other listings - United Grimlock, Starscream and Swindle too? Huh.

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