Retro Con Pennsylvania’s Retro Toy Convention 11 November 2012


Here’s a heads up for those of you in south-east Pennsylvania next Sunday 11 November, there’s a convention for you to check out! Retro Con 2012 is going to be held at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center 100 Station Avenue Oaks, PA 19456 between 9am and 5pm on Sunday 11 November. There will be exclusive Transformers door prizes include a custom DuoCon OverLord and a custom Optimus Prime, along with SDCC exclusives to give out. As well as this there will be a Thundercats voice actors reunion with: Larry Kenney, Peter Newman & Gerrianne Raphael. James Rolfe, the ‘Angry Video Game Nerd’ will be attending and signing autographs, retro games set up for play along with a gaming tournament. We’ll also have Tom Whalen & Dave Perillo along with Acidfree Gallery presenting Officially Licensed Hasbro Prints of both Transformers & G.I. Joe characters..all for sale at Retro Con and on display. A Costume & Art contest and more for fans to enjoy!

Head on over to the Retro Con Facebook page to find out more!

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  1. Screamers's Avatar Screamers says

    Retro Con

    It's a retro toy convention in southeast Pennsylvania, to be held November 11th 2012!
    Along with having great toy dealers such as [MEGA TOY FAN] the show will also offer door prizes such as an exclusive TF designed by!

    OverLord DuoCon door prize sponsored by Optimus Prime!

    Retro Con will also offer retro games, a costume contest, an art contest and special guests!

    To Learn More Check Out:

    And Find Us On Facebook:

  2. Soundblaster1's Avatar Soundblaster1 says

    I'll be there. It's all of 10 minutes up the road from me, so I don't have any excuses.

  3. Screamers's Avatar Screamers says

    We're working on promoting it big time, that's for sure! I'm looking into promoting through local new papers, comic book shops & upcoming conventions and with four months to go I already have four guests and about a 1/3 of the tables sold. So I'm hoping to make it big and if it does really well, next year I want to make it a two day event with voice talents from California.

    And if you do want to buy tables you can at:

    Purchasing A Table For Retro Con! |

    And Tinkerbee, give Maria a hug for me

  4. Maverick Hunter Christian's Avatar Maverick Hunter Christian says

    Definitely gonna be there. Got a friend who's a huge fan of the AVGN and is super stoked to meet him.

  5. Screamers's Avatar Screamers says

    Tony loves the AVGN too and it's differently gonna be a show for video games as well as lots of toys

    I actually have a few dealers that are planning to bring retro arcades as well.

    Originally Posted by Maverick Hunter Christian View Post
    Definitely gonna be there. Got a friend who's a huge fan of the AVGN and is super stoked to meet him.

  6. Screamers's Avatar Screamers says

    I'm looking forward to buying myself.. aside from the working the Con

    Originally Posted by Liokaiser View Post
    I'm in for two tables.

  7. TRANSJAZZ has no avatar! TRANSJAZZ says

    I would love to come. I am not sure with it being the day prior to my anniversary. Wifey may not go for it. I will work on it

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