Generations Fall of Cybertron Generation 2 Bruticus a Toys R Us Exclusive in Australia


Word reaches us that the Amazon and Big Bad Toy Store Generation 2 Fall of Cybertron Bruticus shared exclusive has been released in Australia – as a Toys R Us Exclusive. As has been the way with exclusives in foreign markets from time to time, this G2 Bruticus has found a new outlet for the Australian market. The going price is $100 AU, nearly twice the cost than the price Amazon was offering it for, though. Check out the listing on the Australian Toys R Us website[/url] and a confirmed retail sighting by Trailer Park Ninja of Ozformers.

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  1. Starscream Gaga's Avatar Starscream Gaga says

    Yes, G2 Bruticus is a TRU "exclusive" at retail here in Australia, priced at $99.99.
    It has appeared on the Australian TRU website and Trailer Park Ninja on ozformers has found in on-shelf in New South Wales, Australia in TRU.

    Personally, I'm keeping my Amazon preorder. $70 vs $100, I'm happy to wait for the extra $30. Just goes to show how "exclusive" he turned out to be, now being at Australian TRU, Amazon and BBTS. Definitely good for everyone, though, considering its the best version of the toy (and I have all 3 current versions to compare).

  2. lars573's Avatar lars573 says

    It means when you jump markets and the store it was exclusive too doesn't exist. You find another one.

  3. adambman's Avatar adambman says

    When I saw the thread title the first reaction in my mind was 'whaaaat?' lol. Seeing as I have two from BBTS for not much more than the cost of one from TRU's price above. Soit's still a win win: crisis averted for me, and it's great to see Hasbro sending a few (FoC) items Australias way, unexpectedly and/or early though they may be!

  4. Starscream Gaga's Avatar Starscream Gaga says

    Australia seems to get really random releases. We still don't have anything past Wave 2 of Prime deluxe or Wave 1 of Prime Voyagers, but we still have Takara Jetwing Optimus Prime shelf warming in most retailers since last year!

  5. Baron Prime's Avatar Baron Prime says

    I got mine from Toyworld in the city this morning. $125. Put away from Christmas. Not G2 colouring though but it didn't appeal to me.

  6. RedAlert Rescue has no avatar! RedAlert Rescue says

    I'd buy Jetwing prime except he's to bulky to be worth shipping on his own and I've yet to drip over some place or some one selling them that has enough other things I'd like to be worth getting it - same thing with Year of the Dragon Optimus - I'd like the grey grill version sometime but it's just not sensible to ship something that big on it's own as a single purchase.

  7. jrxcombinetrain's Avatar jrxcombinetrain says

    Suggested retail price in Taiwan is NT$2999(about US$98).
    I get him at NT$2100 though....
    Not an exclusive here.

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