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Third party group Planet X have posted prototype pictures of their Project Genesis unofficial and unlicensed War for Cybertron Omega Supreme on Facebook. The prototype image shows the completed robot mode with LED feature in its chest. There’s also a couple of size comparison images including one showing the thing grabbing the Hasbro Fall of Cybertron Bruticus combiner – this thing is going to be huge.

Please remember this is an unofficial item neither licensed or endorsed by Hasbro.

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  1. daimchoc's Avatar daimchoc says

    Update: 2013026

    BBTS pre-order: http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/p...01&mode=retail

    c/o Planet X's facebook page (20130522)

    Hello Everyone,

    Sorry for keeping you waiting.
    Here is production sample of the head tank with faceplate on it.
    It will be given out to the First 20 winners who have the photos with most "Likes"
    With less than 10 days, do not miss the chance to get it!

    Planet X!

    Hello Everyone,

    Thank you for the nice photos. We are still receiving photos every day.
    The faceplate tank is already under construction. But it takes a much longer time for the development of the upgrade kit.
    So the winner of the campaign will be the first 20 people in the world to receive the faceplate tank!


    c/o Planet X's Facebook page (20130225)

    Hello Everyone,

    We received many request of Genesis faceplate, and we decide to develop by its demand.
    Also, an expansion kit is under development right now, faceplate will be part of it.
    We will update new information when ready.
    Stay tuned for our upcoming products!

    Planet X


    RobotKingdom: robotkingdom.com -- Online Toys Company

    Cancelled by BBTS: void - Retired Retired

    We have some fan made base mode here:

    Planet X Genesis Custom Megathread,G1 Rocket mode and Base Mode Mod/transformation.
    Project Genesis

    Meteor Operation - https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?...6908264&type=1

    Video Reviews:


    First picture review:

    c/o thelastson82

    Images have been mirrored by Cheem the Rup here: http://imageshack.us/g/254/111ehz.jpg/

    Updated pics:

    As per RK's facebook page (20120110):

    Here we received a good news from Planet X!
    Rather than a preorder gift, the Tech-Light component will come with all orders! Looking forward to more updated pictures of the new prototype!
    c/o Planet X's facebook page:

    Height Comparison:

    Colored test shot:

    Planet X
    Recently we have received comments on controlling the price of Genesis in the market. We would like to explain our marketing Strategy.

    The main reason for Planet X to maintain a smiliar retail price per each country is to prevent price war and make sure all retailers have fair amount of profit by retailing it. Price war is undesireble to all retailers and especially manufacturer/designer, and no one want to see its retail price drops before it release. Also, our "genesis" size & weight is still unprecedentedly huge and may have unforeseeable sudden increase on shipping expenses, we need to make sure all retailers still have room for profit if its final size & weight increase their shipping expenses. Hope all retailers & customers can understand.

    Planet X simply hope to maintain an acceptable profit for all retailers who appreciate and help to spread our products and spirit, so we can keep on a continous relationship and develop more products in the future. Indeed, many 3rd parties also keep the retail price similar all over the world, in order to maintain a healthy environment.

    At this moment, all our members are working very hard on the progress of Genesis. The colored prototype photos should be updated within a week!

    Planet X crew

    Robot Kindom has the pre-order up for $299 + shipping. Pre-orders include the LED kits. - robotkingdom.com -- Online Toys Company

    Available in January/Feburary 2013.

    This item is around same size as TFC Hercules.

    Genesis will transform into a battleship as its alt mode.

    The Genesis tech-lighting components will be a give-away when placing preorder. Total of 5 pieces. Only available free during preorder period, otherwise it will be charged after Dec2012.
    The tech lighting components can be installed on Genesis for lighting effect!
    The 5 points are:
    Left arm
    Right arm
    Left leg
    Right leg

  2. OMEGAPRIME1983's Avatar OMEGAPRIME1983 says

    Is it.. what is it? Omega Supreme?? I see the FoC prime the UNDER him..

  3. daimchoc's Avatar daimchoc says

    Originally Posted by OMEGAPRIME1983 View Post
    Is it.. what is it?
    Not OmegaSupreme...

  4. ZacWilliam's Avatar ZacWilliam says

    Not-omega Supreme certainly, in the sense that Omega Supreme looks good and this shilouette does not.

    -ZacWilliam skinny legs and biceps look awful..l

  5. Megatron31's Avatar Megatron31 says

    id say its pretty spot on actaully

    look forward to better pics

  6. soybean56's Avatar soybean56 says

    Originally Posted by megatroptimus View Post
    What is he supposed to turn into?
    My question exactly. I don't play the games, so I have no clue. Certainly looks interesting though.

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