Fall of Cybertron Voyagers Soundwave and Soundblaster Released in Australia


Words reaches us from our fellow fans at Ozformers that the Fall of Cybertron Voyager class Soundwave and Soundblaster (who come with Laserbeak and Buzzsaw, respectively) have arrived at Australian retail.

With Soundwave and “New Soundwave” as he was known in the Star TV dub of The Headmasters now out at retail in Australia, it hopefully should not be too long before they reach store shelves in the US as well.

Check out the full report over at the Ozformers.

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  1. Niv3k's Avatar Niv3k says

    Can a mod please change the title to; FoC Soundwave and Soundblaster released in Australia!

    Note: Thanks to ZS96742 from otca.com.au

  2. Thenames9's Avatar Thenames9 says

    Will wait for in hand reviews/galleries to make a decision. So far I'm happy with my deluxe Soundwave and I'd rather not make them out of scale with WFC Megs.

  3. griffin-of-oz's Avatar griffin-of-oz says

    Not Austria... we're on the other side of the planet to Austria.

    (can a mod change the title please)

    These were found a couple days ago, I just had to get a photo up for the global fan-forums to believe it. The photo above, and info, is from the news posting here - FOC Voyager Soundwave & Soundblaster now out

  4. Feralstorm's Avatar Feralstorm says

    KInda cute that Laserbeak/Buzzsaw is tucked in behind Soundwave like some kinda winged backpack.

  5. Nevermore's Avatar Nevermore says

    For a moment you had my hopes up... "If they're out in Austria, sure they will also show up in Germany..." Sigh.

  6. Starscream Gaga's Avatar Starscream Gaga says

    I told you about this in the other Soundwave thread and its Australia. Austria is nowhere near us.

  7. Prime Jetscream's Avatar Prime Jetscream says

    Yay, now I'm back into "ERMAHGERD IWANT IT NOW" about Grimlock, because the voyagers have been released.

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