Prime Arms Micron Wheeljack and Dreadwing In Package Images


Robot Kingdom has posted up some in-package images of Prime Arms Micron Wheeljack and Dreadwing, which have just recently been released in Japan. There’s not a whole lot else to see with these, as Dreadwing is largely the same as his US release – only his wing stripes are stickers, the rest is painted / tampo’ed details. Wheeljack got a couple more ports added to his design for attaching Arms Microns to, and almost all his paint details are now stickers, leaving the base robot pure white. The box backs show a couple of new Arms Micron combo weapons – Wheeljack tries to out-sword Road Caesar in the “stick three swords together to make a bigger sword” department, while Dreadwing combines his own Arms Micron with those of Knock Out and Airachnid to form a truly monstrous giant bazooka cannon.

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  1. Sol Fury's Avatar Sol Fury says

    That three swords thing Wheeljack has looks utterly ridiculous.

    Dreadwing's got an interesting combo weapon going -looks like his own Micron with Gra and Airarachnid's one as well. Looks a touch oversized but it's a nice looking weapon.

  2. Lbsammills51's Avatar Lbsammills51 says

    I got my shipping notice on these two & Thundercracker/Orion Pax today (only a couple bucks in savings than keeping my BBTS preorders, but I figured what the hell). Hopefully I'll have all four in hand by this time next week.

  3. WhiteMocha's Avatar WhiteMocha says

    Unstickered Wheeljack with ears shaved off = easy Prime Downshift?

  4. Stepper has no avatar! Stepper says

    Originally Posted by Knightdramon View Post
    So Wheeljack appears to have NO paint at all...
    A dull looking Wheeljack to me

  5. Deceptigtar's Avatar Deceptigtar says

    Originally Posted by Thenames9 View Post
    Loving that Dreadwing. Does it come with the sword?
    dont think so which sucks, wheeljack still comes with his two swords though which is weird then.

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