Mark Wahlberg In Talks for Transformers 4?


Feel it! Feel it! has posted an article stating that actor Mark Wahlberg (Ted, The Happening, The Other Guys) has been in talks with Transformers 4 director Michael Bay about possibly starring in the next installment of our beloved franchise. The article goes onto state this as a distinct possibility, as the two have just come off working together on the upcoming film Pain and Gain. Director Michael Bay was quick to reply to this news, posting on his website: “The Mark Wahlberg T4 rumor is just a rumor. Mark and I are talking about another film project”. Bay is quick to not confirm or deny the rumor.

Interesting side not to this story; Mark sings Stan Bush’s power rock song from the 1986 Transformers film, “You Got The Touch” in 1997’s Boogie Nights.

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  1. MTME's Avatar MTME says

    I gthought the female lead was a teenager seems abit old to be dating a teenager. Before I heard about the roles I was wondering it Bay would go with the Rock and Wahlberg for tf4
    seems a bit too rumorish right now though

  2. TylerMirage's Avatar TylerMirage says

    inb4 countless threads of dozens of pages each saying how the movie will automatically suck or automatically be awesome and start basing the quality of the movie on this casting choice and bashing each other.

    Also: Dang it, Mike! You're supposed to cast Dwayne Johnson, not Mark Walhberg!

  3. Zidane56uk's Avatar Zidane56uk says

    Oh please god NO!

    He's a terrible actor! Only bearable in movies such as 'Ted'

  4. Dolza_Khyron has no avatar! Dolza_Khyron says

    lol this guy is 41, and looks it.

    i hope he is NOT the race car driver the "teenager" is dating!

  5. ssjkazer's Avatar ssjkazer says

    FOR, THE, LOVE, OF, GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Micheal Bay Turn this around now do not go down this path there is no returning.

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