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2005 Boards member Masabon has shared with us a selection of in-hand images of the Japanese store exclusive release, Arms Micron Thundercracker. Thundercracker like Skywarp is a recolored version of Fire Edition Starscream, and like Skywarp comes with the Arms Micron Baro. On this release though Baro is a silver chrome version to denote his exclusive nature. Check out all the images attached to this story.

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  1. Masabon's Avatar Masabon says

    Good evening from Japan. It will be Masabon which I buy a toy because there is a great offensive of TF, and TOMY is unwilling about next year.

    PRIME Thundercracker was released today by TOMY. It is some shops-limited item.PRIME SEEKERS(JETRON) becomes the form to keep three in Japan.
    Because I photograph it from now on, the photograph of the toy introduces his background first.

  2. Masabon's Avatar Masabon says


    Name : サンダークラッカー : Thundercracker
    Faction : 航空科学者 : Air-Scientist


    Unlike the Starscream of the smarty and mischievous Skywarp,
    Thundercracker is the cleverest among the Decepticon's Air Force, Jetron.
    He has ability for effective battle to be able to generate a shock sound wave freely.However, it is unusual to fight in a front to like that he is in the research institute than a battlefield.
    He may not understand an act of Megatron and Shockwave,
    I make every possible effort for scientific power of DECEPTICON.

    >Shockwave is thought to place PRIME Shockwave(AM) released in Japan.<

    Wepon : Arms Micron Silver Metal Baro

    Strength 5
    Intelligence 9
    Speed 8
    Endurance 5
    Rank 7
    Courage 6
    Firepower 4
    Skill 9


    I put a Japanese setting sentence.I take the photograph of the toy from now on.

  3. orangeitis's Avatar orangeitis says

    A chrome minicon, eh? A bit unusual as a pack-in. Looks cool though.

  4. Masabon's Avatar Masabon says

    The thing which there is in the package inside of the corrugated paper

    > Toy X1
    > AM kit X1
    > Sticker X1
    > Manual 2 kinds
    > Questionnaire X1

  5. Masabon's Avatar Masabon says

    Fighter form

    The sticker to stick on a jet is two places.I stick a seal on the line of the main wing of the toy

  6. Masabon's Avatar Masabon says

    Robot form
    He is a scientist of the DECEPTICON position.

    I put three places of seals on the chest of Thundercrker.

    I put a symbol on the main wing.

    A black sticker is completed to a tiptoe.
    Because they are wide, in the operation range of the toy, various poses are possible.

  7. Barricade24's Avatar Barricade24 says

    Not bad. I wonder if someone will do a G1 Colored repaint of Starscream.

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