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WTF@TFW podcast host and all-round nice guy Aaron (aksmth to long time site members like myself) is raising money for the Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. As a part of a drive with the Extra Life gaming charity, he is with a few friends doing a 24 game playing marathon. All donators who contribute go into the drawing for some Steam games as well as getting the warm and fuzzy feeling of helping out those worse off. Find out more and donate by visiting the link below:

Play Games. Heal Kids. | Extra Life – DonorDrive®

And watch Aaron’s epic gaming marathon live on USTREAM by visiting the link below:

Aaron / Aksmth’s USTREAM channel

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  1. Aaron's Avatar Aaron says

    Hey guys, I'm not one for often posting out in the boards for charity's sake, but this year I really took it upon myself to get out there for the Extra Life gaming charity. This year I'm teaming up with some local friends and raising money for the Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. I have some friends that have had scary times with their kids there and from all reports they do not just good things, but great things. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you've seen me blather on about it.

    Starting at 8 AM Saturday Morning until 8 AM Sunday morning I will be playing video games in support of the charity. If you would like to donate to help me raise money for this good cause, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Play Games. Heal Kids. | Extra Life - DonorDrive

    Anyone that donates gets put into a drawing or two for Steam games that have been gifted to me for this purpose. All that info is at the above link. If you just want to watch me like some caged animal you can do that too. I will have my ustream going for the entirety of this whole deal. You can find that link here.

    aksmth on USTREAM: . Dogs

    Donating or watching or just cheering me on in this thread, whatever you can do, I appreciate.

    Thank you.


  2. Fallout's Avatar Fallout says

    great thing you're doing here hope it goes well for you, and be sure to eat and drink provided you're allowed (surely you must be).

  3. Lumpy's Avatar Lumpy says

    Have fun and drink lots of Mountain Dew! I think this a really awesome event. I might look into doing it for my local children's hospital sometime.

  4. GAUGE's Avatar GAUGE says

    Hey Aaron, I'll watch ya play ur game man. sadly, I have no funds or I'd help you in a heartbeat. I'm all about the kids.

    Good luck man I'm cheering for ya.

  5. Noizemaze's Avatar Noizemaze says

    Come watch Aaron play Cat Mario, because we like to see him suffer.

  6. GAUGE's Avatar GAUGE says

    Come on guys we gotta help Aaron keep this thread alive.

    so here's the official *BUMP*

  7. Noizemaze's Avatar Noizemaze says

    Also, don't forget the drawing for free games for donating! FREE GAMES!

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