Tamashii Nations Disney Combiner Team Set


Here is something extremely unexpected – it seems that the spirit of the Transformers Disney Label subline is being carried on by Bandai & Tamashii Nations – and that they are bringing it back with a combiner. This Japanese magazine scan, which we saw posted on Facebook by Autobase Aichi, shows mecha versions of Micky Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, Goofy and Pluto merging into a single robot mode. The mecha share a few design cues with the original Disney label versions of the characters. By appearances, Goofy and Pluto are forming legs, Donald and Daisy the arms, Micky the chest and Minnie we’re not entirely sure. The head is even formed by Steamboat Willie, from the first Micky Mouse cartoon!

We’ve since had confirmation, by way of the Cybergundam blog, that this is a Bandai / Tamashii Nations release rather than a new Disney Label item.

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  1. daimchoc's Avatar daimchoc says

    c/o Autobase Aichi - FB post.

    EDIT: According to cybergundam's blog

    Fun at Disney World! Mickey Mouse and his friends playing super fit! The superalloy super fit King Robot!

  2. Sol Fury's Avatar Sol Fury says

    From a Japanese magazine scan, via Autobase Aichi on Facebook. Very weird looking piece, Donald and Daisy Duck as arms, Steamboat Willy as the head, Pluto and Goofy as legs... I don't even want to know where Daisy ends up in that combination!

    http://pbs.twimg.com... | Facebook

  3. Type-R's Avatar Type-R says

    I see Bandai's Tamashii Nations logo at the top right of the scan.

    It's not from TakaraTomy's Disney Label.

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