Transformers Platinum Collection Official PR Pics


Hasbro sent along images of two upcoming Transformers: Platinum Collection figures. They are two Transformers: Energon era figures.

Transformers: Platinum collection
• Omega Supreme in G1 Omega Supreme colors
• Energon Optimus Prime in G1 Optimus Prime colors

Check out the pics after the jump.

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  1. TriBlurr's Avatar TriBlurr says

    Seems Lazerback and Twinstrike are supporting a more Beast Wars-ish Predacon insignia than Predaking. Huh......wonder what the deal is with that.

  2. jetfire64's Avatar jetfire64 says

    I like some of the toys but I'm not sure if I really like where the prime series is going with this.

  3. KanedaX's Avatar KanedaX says

    Having a hard time getting behind any of these. I like Lazerback, but otherwise everything's just too cluttered and spikey.

  4. AutoCon2076's Avatar AutoCon2076 says

    Omega Supreme has a new claw-hand that looks more like the War for Cybertron version. Also, this figure has an actual headsculpt in lieu of a Headmaster component. Although I love the *masters, I really think I prefer seeing Omega done this way. Not too big on Fattimus Prime... but damn that Omega looks good.

  5. Notilator's Avatar Notilator says

    I like! But some of these are just stupid, and look way too playschooly lazerback looks awesome though, same for Twinstrike and Wheeljack

  6. Sentinel's Avatar Sentinel says

    I need to see it in person, but Omega's head look much too small.

  7. Bass X0's Avatar Bass X0 says

    I quite like Twinstrike because of the Sinnertwin homage but I've been mostly avoiding Prime these days.

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