Ken Sansom – voice of Hound in G1 – passes at age 85.


The TFW2005 News Team sadly reports that Ken Samson, who voiced Hound in The Transformers Generation One series, passed away on October 10, 2012 due to suffering from a stroke; he was 85 years old. While Mr. Samson brought Hound to life in G1, he played many other roles, notably Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh. The talents of the voice actors brought much personality and much magic to the well-loved Generation One show, and Ken Samson’s voicing of Hound is certainly among those. His contributions will always be cherished by Transformers fans. We here at extend our best sympathetic thoughts, wishes, and prayers to the family and friends for their loss. Read more about this here ( and view a news video here (

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  1. wildfly's Avatar wildfly says


    Hound was one of my favorities, and even set up as 'the one the kids can relate to' before they shuffled him out for Bumblebee.

  2. Sharktibolt's Avatar Sharktibolt says

    I'm more sad by the fact that he was Rabbit than Hound, that Winnie the Pooh show was one of my favorites growing up. I think I still have a couple of the VHS tapes with episodes on them.

  3. Prime Wylde's Avatar Prime Wylde says

    Sad news, but a long life lived, and much joy spread.

    here's to you sir, tell Chris Latta we said hi.

  4. noble_prime has no avatar! noble_prime says

    Just watched Gen 1 episode Attack of the Autobots, Hound you were great. I'll miss ya man.

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