Optimus Prime and Grimlock Hoodies


i09.com has posted an article in regards to fashion. Sorta. Two hoodies have been revealed, one is an Optimus Prime hoodie designed to look like his chest. Pull the hood up and zip up the faceplate and you’re ready to do damage to the neighborhood as Optimus Prime! If Prime isn’t your style, you can go Grimlock. Pull the hood up and you’ll show off your Sharkticon crushing teeth.

Check out these crazy, yet fun, designs by clicking the link above or the title bar.

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  1. Fallout's Avatar Fallout says

    60 bucks? those look like cheap felt from wal-mart...

    transforms your outfit to something that will get your ass kicked!

  2. Bountyan's Avatar Bountyan says


    I dare you guys to buy the Optimus Prime one and wear it in public for a week with the hood up and zipper fully up. Do it.

  3. Chalice's Avatar Chalice says

    Hoodies are pretty much my favorite article of clothing. I'd rock the fuck out of the Grimlock one no probs. Unfortunately I don't have $60 to spend right now.

    That said, I'm 6'4" and 250 with a background in wrestling and martial arts, so I don't have a lot of fear about being an ubernerd in public.

  4. j.a.f.o.'s Avatar j.a.f.o. says

    Well in that case Chalice, I would argue that you are one of few who could rock one and not get the level of ridicule that would come with wearing one of these things.

  5. Chalice's Avatar Chalice says

    Fair enough.

    That said, I doubt I'd put up Grimlock's 'lower jaw' flap. It looks a bit silly. But I'd definitely do the hood with the teeth and whatnot.

    And, in all honesty, Prime's is more useful with it's design. That faceplate will be great in cold weather cities.

  6. s_cren has no avatar! s_cren says

    Hell yeah not 60$ hell yeah but still nice I'd wear it around and it works for a Halloween outfit haha

  7. Hollywood Hoist's Avatar Hollywood Hoist says

    If they had one that was child sized I would get it for my son.

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