Transformers Prime Season 3 will be 16 Episodes, NOT the Final Season


Transformers Prime voice actors Jeffrey Combs and Tony Todd are appearing at the El Paso Comic Con in Texas this weekend – and at a joint panel Jeffrey Combs has dropped a few bombshells regarding the future of the Transformers Prime series. By way of 2005 Boards member MiraiBaby who is at the convention we can relay this news to you:

  • Season 3 will only last 16 episodes
  • Combs just finished recording the last episode to season 3
  • UPDATE Jeffrey Combs confirmed today 9/16/2012 that there will be a fourth season of Transformers Prime – the series will NOT end with season 3. Early cutoff rumor untrue.[/b]”

What this means for the recently revealed “Beast Hunters” and the leaked Hasbro document suggesting Transformers Prime is planned to continue through 2015 is unclear – more information will hopefully follow. Keep it TFW2005 and we will share more information as it reaches us.

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  1. Nope's Avatar Nope says

    It's almost like non-G1 TF shows aren't allowed to last past Season 3.

  2. UltimusPrime has no avatar! UltimusPrime says


    16 episodes and the Final Season?

    That is terrible news.

  3. Barricade24's Avatar Barricade24 says

    Well that stinks. But I guess that is usually how long TV series run.

  4. Astrotrain52's Avatar Astrotrain52 says

    Even with it's flaws, this is sad news if it's really the end of TF: Prime.

  5. FatalT 71's Avatar FatalT 71 says

    Let the conspiracy theories begin.

    Sad news, however. Prime is a great show.

  6. Karhukjnsi's Avatar Karhukjnsi says


    Necessity dictates further clarification is to be disclosed!

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