Beast Hunters – May be Transformers Prime Season 3 in Fall 2013


Thanks to Neo-Bombshell of the 2005 Boards, we have a possible confirmation of the recentBeast Hunters” Trademark. According to a document he’s sharing with us via Google Docs, the new Trademark is the title for the upcoming Transformers: Prime Season 3. It is stated that we’ll get to see it in Fall 2013.

Also it is worth noting that Hasbro has plans for Transformers: Prime even beyond 2014 and Transformers: Generations will go until 2014.

We are yet to hear more about the upcoming season and the proposed IDW tie-in comics featuring Prime incarnation of the Dinobots and the recent Thundertron may even play a pivotal role. You can view the PDF formatted document via a Google Docs account Neo-Bombshell is sharing. He is also kind enough to translate the document and has posted at the thread.

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  1. Neo-Bombshell's Avatar Neo-Bombshell says

    Summary of the full info I herad for those who don't undestand Spanish. Remeber that this is supposed to be official info.

    I was about to post this 2 days ago but I was so busy that I got some time today and the recent news about Beast Hunters made me hurry about sharing these info.

    First, of all you may be free to believe it or not. As I told you I am an old member of these forums and I have no reason to try to invent something.

    It is the very last picture that got my interest: "This is the new THIRD SEASON OF TRANSFORMERS PRIME"

    The image is obviously just made for the presentation but as I told you this was stated to be real news. Beast Hunters is a new season of TF Prime.

    Just in case here's a summary:

    *From 1 to 6: Presentation of the brand, importance and the variety of media related to it

    *From 6 to 7: Variety of products (DVD, toys, video games) and variety of costumers from different ages.

    *From 8 to 11: Transformers Prime, stating that is beeing aired in 175 countries and the 2nd season, in Spanish, will start in October with 52 episodes. mention to Peter Cullen

    *From 12 to 12 XD: Mention to Tr5ansformers The Ride 3D.

    *From 13 to 18: Plans for 2012 to 2013, presenting Rescue Bots, series and merchadising.

    *From 19 to 22: Transformers Generations will go until 2014, showing media and hard nostalgia.

    *From 23 to 25: Transformers Prime second season presentation.

    *26: Presentation of Beast Hunters as the third season of TF Prime

  2. Transbot90210's Avatar Transbot90210 says

    Called it in the other thread.

    Thanx for sharing, I welocme the return of beast bots.

  3. JacobPGalvatron's Avatar JacobPGalvatron says

    I will be pissed if the new figures don't come packed with orange safety vests.

  4. Yggdrasil has no avatar! Yggdrasil says

    Aaaaaaaand there goes all of my hopes and dreams of more animal transformers....


    I'll just stick to the seems we won't be getting anything good in cartoon form for some time...

  5. Gepard's Avatar Gepard says

    This would explain the otherwise odd inclusion of Thundertron in the PRID toyline. They're testing the waters.

  6. Jetbolt's Avatar Jetbolt says

    Just like that, my hope level slams into Pluto and now been torn to parts and sucked into a black hole.

    I knew it was too good to be true.

    My hope is gone.

  7. Rattrap's Avatar Rattrap says

    I like this. I like it alot. I am a bit disapointed it isnt a BW reboot in the Prime verse, but who is saying that it isnt?

  8. Autobot Burnout's Avatar Autobot Burnout says

    I really hope that's Ratbat. Make him more than just a deployer for once!

  9. Pencoin's Avatar Pencoin says

    Cool, I'm guessing the toys will get a repackage and subline? More Beastformers are always appricated especially if they keep up to the standard we've seen in Thundertron, FOC Grimlock and the FOC Insecticon which look very cool from what we've seen.

    I wonder how this will effect Arms Micron though. Looking forward to the PDF.

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