Beast Hunters – Plans For A Possible New Beast Wars/Machines Cartoon & Toyline


Whoa Hasbro! That’s two days with two reveals… Oh yes, you read the title… here’s the story from your favorite Transformers Website:

Hasbro has applied for a brand-new Trademark (at the United States Patent & Trademark Office) under 2 categories:

Toyline: toy action figures, toy vehicles and toy robots convertible into other visual toy forms.

Cartoon Series: entertainment services, namely, an on-going animated television series for children.

And the Trademark is… Beast Hunters.

Fans of the Beast Era would immediately recognize the new trademark as the original working title for Beast Machines.

We don’t know how this will eventually turn-out to be… but we do know that there are thousands of TFW2005 Beast Era fans dancing at the moment. Party tonight, people?

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  1. Kaijumaster's Avatar Kaijumaster says

    Time to drink!!!!!!
    (To drown out the knowledge this will be based on Bays "Beast Wars")

  2. ORIO's Avatar ORIO says

    Originally Posted by Lazerwave View Post
    Can't be, there is a Fox Kids logo and that is discontinued.
    That's just an old image used for the news story. A placeholder image if you will.

  3. jackgaughan's Avatar jackgaughan says

    There are no words to describe the feeling I feel. I hope the following Gifs suffice.

    And I really hope this is a sequel, basically what Transtech was going to be, but given a different name just to difference itself from the comic.

  4. Brave Magnus's Avatar Brave Magnus says

    What?!?! Oh, dear lord, if the Beast Era returns the hearts and heads of a LOT of fans will explode. Myself included. XD

  5. TedimusPrime's Avatar TedimusPrime says

    Would Hasbro take the risk I wonder? I mean it would be AWESOME, but is it possible?

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