Transformers Prime "New Recruit" image of Smokescreen


The Hub’s Facebook page has updated with a promotional image for tonight’s all new episode of Transformers Prime entitled “New Recruit“.

Click on the image attached to this news story to meet the new Autobot, Smokescreen!

There’s also a new image on the official Transformers Facebook page showing Arcee and Bumblebee standing shoulder to shoulder in battle – but look out for all those Vehicons behind you ‘bots!

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  1. Lazerwave's Avatar Lazerwave says

    I still say that's Starscream's head on a white Bumblebee's body and that maybe some people would want a toy of him but probably won't happen with Prime toy line doing not so good.

  2. Lumpy's Avatar Lumpy says

    Cool, i'm excited to see a new character show up, and hopefully someday we see a toy of him. I doubt he'll be a repaint of anybody, as his model looks just different enough from anything else.

  3. HoneyPrime's Avatar HoneyPrime says

    Great picture! Thanks for sharing it with us. I'm quite excited for a new Autobot. I hope he doesn't leave, doesn't die, doesn't turn out to be a spy, etc.

    "Are they going to have a toy? I want the toy! Anybody know if there is going to be a toy? Gotta have the toy! Where can I throw my money at? Must have toy! Where can I find his toy?" /shakes

    Yeah, I want a toy of him.

  4. Nemesis251's Avatar Nemesis251 says

    Originally Posted by shroobmaster View Post
    Brofist the computer screen. You guys know you want to.
    I did. Twice.

  5. Feralstorm's Avatar Feralstorm says

    From that image alone, the head looks more like a vertically-stretched version of Optimus' head, on a modified Knockout body.

  6. Matty's Avatar Matty says

    Doesn't really look like the Smokescreen we all know ... but still exciting all the same.

  7. Stardust262's Avatar Stardust262 says

    I hope he's a spy or something, so that there will actually be something mysterious about him

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