Bot Shots Wave 5 Released at US Retail


A bit of sightings news for you now – the fifth wave of Transformers Bot Shots has been released at US retail! Wave 5 consists of the Movieverse Wrecker Roadbuster, a Dark of the Moon themed Megatron, plus Skywarp, Bumblebee with his Generation 1 toy face, and the chase for the assortment is a translucent purple version of Shockwave. These five were spotted at the Harrisburg, PA Walmart.

Happy hunting everyone!

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  1. Thundershot's Avatar Thundershot says


    My son just needs Skywarp and Roadbuster... Maybe the new BB.

  2. 643's Avatar 643 says

    Originally Posted by Thundershot View Post

    My son just needs Skywarp and Roadbuster... Maybe the new BB.
    Yeah, I was pretty surprised. I was actually looking for the new legion figures when I went in.

    Originally Posted by TrueNomadSkies View Post
    Shockwave as the clear one?
    Yes, Shockwave is the chase figure. I think he actually looks pretty nice. Need to put him up against the one from the 3 pack to see which one I like better.

  3. Jacer's Avatar Jacer says

    Shoot, I found these last night! I was too excited about finding my Kup and Rumble to say anything! This wave is awesome. Gonna get them all!

  4. Starscream Gaga's Avatar Starscream Gaga says

    Bot Shots are too amazing. Retro G1 Bumblebee? So awesome.
    I can't wait, but we still don't have Wave 4 here in Australia yet... Still a long wait yet!

  5. Pravus Prime's Avatar Pravus Prime says

    Can anyone post chase Shockwaves stats? (Fist, Sword, Blaster numbers)

  6. Roufuss's Avatar Roufuss says

    Originally Posted by Nope View Post
    Still need to find Wave 4...
    Try K-Mart if you've got one nearby. Seen them at every K-Mart I've been to.

  7. FatalT 71's Avatar FatalT 71 says

    Christ. Another Megatron? And another Bee?

    Yes, buying them all....

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