Toys R Us Exclusive Masterpiece Thundercracker Sighted in Kansas


Let the hunt commence! After weeks of fans patiently waiting after price tags were placed nation-wide on Toys R Us shelves, TFW2005 member formula93 has sighted and picked up the Toys R Us Exclusive Masterpiece Thundercracker in a Toys R Us in Kansas, for $69.99. This toy is a redeco of the MP-11 Starscream release (minus the Coronation Crown and Cape) and includes the stand from the original Masterpiece Starscream mold.

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  1. TheGame2K5's Avatar TheGame2K5 says

    While they didn't have any on the shelf yet, my local TRU had the shelf tag and space for MP TC. So time to start checking as they should be on shelves very soon.

  2. Matty's Avatar Matty says

    Originally Posted by Fallout View Post
    wait, they're $70? i thought they were only 60...
    Considering MP-11 is $160 originally, this is a fucking steal.

    *sets up camp at ToysRus*

  3. Grimmjow's Avatar Grimmjow says

    Wait, WHAT?!? Cool, but...I thought this was coming out in October? Then again, Optimus Prime was supposed to be out in July...but it's been delayed until September, & this has supposedly been delayed until November, yet now we're seeing shelf tags in place for it?

    ...Fuck logic.

  4. Cyclonus79's Avatar Cyclonus79 says

    Yeah I'm confused as all hell. Just show me the way to the preorders an ill be fine.

  5. Blitz.'s Avatar Blitz. says

    so the waiting game begins... wait uk is getting skipped.... dang well to ebay it is

  6. Kimmer's Avatar Kimmer says

    So does a shelf tag mean an imminent arrival of the product? Any TRU employees here that might know?

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