Pictorial Review of TRU Exclusive Masterpiece Thundercracker


After weeks of waiting, the Toys R Us Exclusive Masterpiece Thundercracker has finally hit stores shelves here in the USA, and the TFW2005 Boards member who brought us this news isn’t quite done yet. TFW2005 Boards member formula93 has also provided us with a pictorial review of Thundercracker, showing the toy off in various angles and spotlighting some of the tampographed details on the toy (namely references to Reflector, Soundwave, and Hasbro product designer Joe Kyde.)

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  1. formula93's Avatar formula93 says

    Here are a few pics of TC, albeit on my crappy phone camera. You'll notice in the pic with the green circle, there was a stress mark on that tab straight out of the package. It connects the arm to the wing in plane mode. Might want to be careful. I figured everybody knows the scale of this mold, so there aren't any of those pics. Also, if you can't make it out, he has what amounts to an arm tatto on each bicep that has a picture of G1 Reflector, and the words "Say Cheese." Pretty neat touch. The sidewinder missiles are included, but I don't think there's anywhere to store them in jet mode, as his null ray blasters are now permanently mounted to his arm. The two face gimmick is absent, but the instructions still refer to it, as they're the same for the old MP Seeker figs. They also don't refer to the new heels, which are a FANTASTIC addition. I finally have a seeker that can stand on his own!

  2. Ribieconvoy's Avatar Ribieconvoy says

    Absolutely gorgeous. I love all the little decals like the Reflector and the seeker holding Soundwave.

  3. AnAutobot1985's Avatar AnAutobot1985 says

    Def will be picking this up. I am not buying much from Hasbro lately but an MP Thundercracker at that price is a no brainer. Gonna have to call TRU on a regular basis til I find one.

    The paint apps make for some nice touches.

  4. Incepticon's Avatar Incepticon says

    Well that's a shame. I really hoped all that gawdy alt mode decal nonsense would be optional stickers. Definitely skipping it now and will be holding my breath that A) Takara even does their own version, and B) if they do, that they don't destroy the mold with this same kind of nonsensical deco.

  5. wildfly's Avatar wildfly says

    Thanks for the review.

    For those new to this mold, the tab on the arm is potential weak spot unfortunately.

  6. formula93's Avatar formula93 says

    Originally Posted by miscreant View Post
    Thanks for the review.

    For those new to this mold, the tab on the arm is potential weak spot unfortunately.
    Yeah, the only other version I have is the walmart Skywarp. I was hoping I didn't make a fool of myself and mistransform something in the pics.

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