Bots Shots Starscream and Ironhide Launchers Released in the US


There is a saying where I am from “you wait ages for a bus to arrive, then three turn up at once”. Evidently this is also true for Transformers toys because we’ve been waiting a while for the new assortment of Bot Shot Launchers and now two have both been sighted! Bot Shots Launcher Wave 2 featuring Ironhide and Wave 3 featuring Starscream have both been sighted at US retail in the Warminster, PA Walmart.

Happy hunting everyone!

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  1. Shadowbreaker has no avatar! Shadowbreaker says

    At a Wal-Mart in PA! Bot Shots seems to be the only thing this Wal-Mart is up-to-date with.

    I didn't realize Ironhide was there until I left the store, but you can see his card at the bottom of the pic. Sorry!

  2. Torque's Avatar Torque says

    Wish I'd known this woulda been news, saw Ironhide the other day here in CT

  3. ahchu's Avatar ahchu says

    I don't mind so many Bot Shot repaints but I wish they make the repaints more substantial/different (ie RED Ironhide with launcher since I already have the regular and clear versions)

  4. Silk Spectre's Avatar Silk Spectre says

    I found the new launchers yesterday afternoon and bought the Ironhide one, but passed on the Starscream.

  5. axl6533's Avatar axl6533 says

    dammit i just got the pics today at walmart someone just had to beat me to it

  6. RedAlert Rescue has no avatar! RedAlert Rescue says

    Perhaps they can make an opaque Acid Storm with launcher as part of a future boxed set ?

    But then a clear blue jet would be nice too - as there's not a "Super launcher" yet.

  7. NCStarscream's Avatar NCStarscream says

    Want all things Starscream. That will be my second Bot Shots purchase.

  8. Mister Gone's Avatar Mister Gone says

    Woo must find. Just nailed down the clear OP wave. These two will catch me up to current.

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