Linkin Park Edition Soundwave – Official Images


Linkin Park, known for their musical contributions to the Michael Bay Transformers Movies, posted a blog update of the upcoming Linkin Park Edition Soundwave with official images. This is what the band has to say:

“Linkin Park and Hasbro are collaborating on a super-limited LINKIN PARK EDITION SOUNDWAVE. It’s a new and exclusive model based on the original 1984 toy, the one I grew up playing with. It includes Lazerbeak, Buzzsaw, and Ravage. There will only be 2000 units, available at SURU and comic/hobby shops.

Hasbro is currently showing a sample of it, inside the Transformers booth at Comicon. Here are some pics from Les, the designer. Shout out to Mr. Hahn for overseeing it’s golden glory on our end (no, it’s not real gold).

The LINKIN PARK SOUNDWAVE will be available later this year.”

The images have been mirrored here, and feel free to check out the previous images that were posted from San Diego Comic Con here.

Are you looking forward to this release? Be sure to post your thoughts!

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  1. Ribieconvoy's Avatar Ribieconvoy says

    His head is mistransformed. How do you miss the face being visible? It's like... one of the only four non-gold pieces on the entire thing

    Hasbro said that Linkin Park came up with the deco, right? It's so... uninspired.

  2. Kaylynn's Avatar Kaylynn says

    What a lovely gold finish you have there Soundwave

    I'm intrigued, it reminds me of the G1 episode "The Golden Lagoon"

  3. Billzilla's Avatar Billzilla says

    Of all the fucking bands.

    How about Weird Al, guys? Weird Al = MANY BUYS.

  4. Hicks_Royel's Avatar Hicks_Royel says

    I think I'd rather have a Steel Panther "Death to all but Metal" edition Soundwave.

  5. madhatprime's Avatar madhatprime says

    So this is all they could come up with? The color scheme is aweful. That's what I think at least. Much more could have been done even with only black and gold to work with.

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