Kreon Micro-Changers Wave 1 at US Retail


Fans of mini-figures of the building block variety can rejoice! Get your hunting caps on, the first wave of Kreon Micro-Changers has been found at US retail! 2005 Board member Jack Darby reports finding the preview wave at his local Wal-Mart in Texas. This preview wave consists of Crankstart, Sunstorm, Spinister, Waspinator, Galvatron and Scorponok.

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  1. Jack Darby's Avatar Jack Darby says

    Was in Walmart today and found these on the Lego aisle. This was at the Walmart in Richmond Texas. They were 2.97 each and the way to find out which ones are what is different from the boxed ones that BBTS was selling. Anyways I bought 6 of them hoping I was able to decipher them correctly. They are actually pretty easy to figure out but I'll make this list for everyone just in case. If this has been reported already then mods you know what to do I guess but I'm pretty sure this is the first retail sighting of these.

    Here are the numbers for each one.

    Spinister - 21511 7

    Waspinator - 21511 2

    Galvatron - 21511 8

    Crankstart - 21511 0

    Scorponok - 21511 1

    Sunstorm - 21511 9

    Here is a pic of my receipt and a pic of the display box.

  2. Not the guy's Avatar Not the guy says

    I was just at walmart the other day too. Guess i'll have to look again soon.

  3. TacomaPrime's Avatar TacomaPrime says

    Originally Posted by Not the guy View Post
    I was just at walmart the other day too. Guess i'll have to look again soon.
    me too and the hasbro lady was there. but i didnt see any of these. gonna have to go back.

  4. FanimusMaximus's Avatar FanimusMaximus says

    Grap your keys and fill your wallets.

    We're going hunting.

  5. Deceptigtar's Avatar Deceptigtar says

    I someone gets them at Walmart and can take one to target and scan it for dpci that would be awesome.

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