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By way of a complicated system involving Twitter, a carrier pigeon or two, and a chap named after a popular kind of cookie we are able to bring you coverage of the TFcon 2012 Third Party panel! Refresh this post for the latest news on what is in store from the Third Party Groups down the way.

First up is BTS Toys with their next production BTS-06 Nova Lord, 21 inches tall unofficial custom Overlord. Test shot should be shown around about December.

More pictures of the Demolition Crue Apex & Geminus, aka unofficial Twin Twist and Topspin from Mech Ideas. They also make some pretty cool Transformers themed iPhone cases.

A gray resin prototype of iGear’s PP-04 Cliffjumper was shown.

Headrobots are making their first full Transformers project, Big Road aka Trailbreaker! This was shown before, now confirmed to be happening. Also shown is the Headrobots Iguana, still in the works.

No new announcements from TFC Toys or Dr Wu.

Hexatron (Sixshot) from Mastermind Collectibles “has no firm release date, some time in the next year”.

Mastermind Collectibles teased their next Reformatted release after Hexatron and Prominion. Named Ferocious, it looks like they are making an unofficial update to Predaking. Slides with silhouettes of the five Predacons were shown (we have four of them here for you to enjoy right now plus the combined mode)

FansProject teased with a selection of new projects – a silhouette was shown of their Menasor, which we saw the two Stunticons for earlier today, and also of something called “Function X” – their take on Headmasters! Shown was a concept of something that looked like a hybrid of Brainstorm and Transformers Zone Sonic Bomber. There were also concepts shown for a version of Chromedome, Weirdwolf, Mindwipe and the Optimus Prime Alligator done as a Headmaster, based on the classic Generation 1 episode City of Steel. And a Gogdog-pleaser, FansProject are also doing a Minerva as a part of the Function X series! The first Function X release is due in September

More from FansProject. They have a second set of Insecticon remolds / reuses coming called Warbug where the Insects have vehicle modes instead of bugs. Backfiery is a jet, and the other two are tanks.

Check out the full slides from the presentation here!

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  1. shamanking282 has no avatar! shamanking282 says

    Overlord! OMG!!!! BTS.... well.... I hope it ends up better than Sonicron.

  2. Impactor1106's Avatar Impactor1106 says

    I don't care who makes it - OVERLORD!!!! That with a lot of Wreckers coming out - OMG!!!!!

  3. jerminator's Avatar jerminator says

    iGear CJ's proportions are way too wonky and off for my taste. Looks like he has floaties for feet, and spaghetti thin limbs with a big ol' gut.

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