Transformers Prime Weaponizers & Kre-O Battle for Energon and Decepticon Ambush Released


Amid the SDCC 2012 news we also have news of some new toy sightings. The Transformers Prime Weaponizers – Optimus Prime and Bumblebee – have now arrived at US retail. Running for $29.99 they are a return of the Ultra size class in all but name. These were found at a K-Mart in Kenosha, WI.

Also sighted at the same K-Mart were a couple of new Transformers Kre-O sets, namely the Battle for Energon two-pack featuring Optimus Prime and Megatron and the Decepticon Ambush set featuring Kreon Cliffjumper and a trio of Vehicon Kreons.

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  1. Grimlockimus's Avatar Grimlockimus says

    Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but the new Weaponizers and the more new Kreo merchandise has hit Kmart stores around the Wisconsin area

    -Kreo Barricade/Cliffjumper sets (Not pictured, but bought ^^")
    -Kreo Optimus/Megatron Fight for Energon set (not bought)
    -Kreo Stealth Bumblebee (already mentioned)
    -Kreo Battleship sets (non-TF news, but still)

    And of course, these two

    More Kreo stuff should be hitting Kmarts soon as we'll be getting our new toy stock in, so keep an eye out .

  2. shroobmaster's Avatar shroobmaster says

    Guess that pretty much confirms taht Weaponizers are more like Ultras than anything really.

  3. Thalack's Avatar Thalack says

    I am still not sure on these weaponizers. I saw a review a while ago of the Optimus and I just hated how the whole figure was built around the gimick in a way it seems to hurt the figure. With these coming out hopefully I can find a couple more reviews and get a better look at it from different angles. The Bumblebee, not sure of at all just for the sheer fact it is another Bumblebee.

  4. BenjaminXavier has no avatar! BenjaminXavier says

    I'll bet this stuff will be up with Target's reset on 7/29, but since we don't know the DCPI theyre all in the back waiting for the reset

  5. Thundershot's Avatar Thundershot says

    Already ordered my Weaponizer Prime on Amazon. Free shipping and no tax.

  6. Grimlockimus's Avatar Grimlockimus says

    Just a slight update

    Opened up Bumblebee and....his backpack is horrible.

    Well, it was bad to begin with, but it's held to the main body by a tiny little slot and tab set up that doesn't hold very well. So it falls off all the time.

    Not a toy I'd recommend to many, and I may end up returning him. But Optimus looks like it'd be a major improvement over this one.

  7. Autovolt 127's Avatar Autovolt 127 says

    Actually $30 is probably the highest anyone should pay for them.

    Smart Move.

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