Hasbro Trademark Reveals the Return of Transformers Combiners


Whenever Hasbro applies for a new Trademark, there is a chance that we’ll most probably see or hear about it at some point later. It may take few days or maybe even years (Mind you, Airachnid’s toy was revealed more than three years after the Trademark application).

United States Patent And Trademark Office reveals a new Hasbro Trademark titled “Combiners”.

The trademark is categorized under the same description given to any other Transformers Trademark:
“Toy action figures, toy vehicles and toy robots convertible into other visual toy forms”

You can find more details at USPTO and keep it up with TFW2005 for latest news… first.

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  1. Switch625's Avatar Switch625 says

    The combiner concept hasn't been done right since G1. We'll see what happens with this one.

  2. G1Wheeljack's Avatar G1Wheeljack says

    I'm not sure this will be a whole toyline, maybe they're just securing the name to hold onto/use for future figures. Either way it's good though, as it pretty much means more combiners.

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