Transformers Prime Cyberverse Vehicles Released at US General Retail


Next up from Arizona we have the first general retail sighting of the Transformers Prime Cyberverse Vehicles assortment. We knew this assortment could not be too far away when they were stocked at Universal Studios Hollywood, evidently they have now managed to begin moving from warehouses and stock rooms onto store shelves! This assortment features Wheeljack with his Starhammer (Jackhammer) spaceship, and Knock Out with an Energon Driller. They are retailing for $19.99, great value considering you get a cool Cyberverse Legion toy along with an awesome little vehicle that can take up to three Cyberverse toys. These were found at the Walmart at 79th and Peoria in Peoria AZ.

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  1. Stune's Avatar Stune says

    Unfortunately I won't have a photo to upload until later tonight, but Walmart at 79th and Peoria in Peoria AZ just got two cases of them in. There are people that can verify this is sighting from the AZ Board.

  2. NCStarscream's Avatar NCStarscream says

    That's cool; I'm curious to see them in person and probably would like to get them to make a little Prime battle diorama like my movieverse one with the Ark.

  3. Nederbelg has no avatar! Nederbelg says

    Indeed totally worth it. Very good price.

    I think we, on the other side of the big pool, won't be that lucky. Ah well, just have to wait until clearance.

  4. Flexx Ark's Avatar Flexx Ark says

    I've had this for a while but not in the U.S. packaging. Need these MIB. Nice price too.....

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