Cyberverse Ultra Magnus Sighted


For those of you looking not only for a new Cyberverse Commander, but a new character to the Transformers Prime line, the hunt begins anew! You can handle it now as Cyberverse Ultra Magnus has been sighted in a Toys R Us in Tucson, Arizona. Presumably this means his wave-mate, Nightwatch Optimus Prime, is also out in the wild! Thanks to 2005 boards member pscoop for visual proof! Happy hunting!

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  1. pscoop's Avatar pscoop says

    I picked this up at a TRU in Tucson today. The guys in the AZ sightings said this might be news. Delete if not.

  2. UltimusPrime has no avatar! UltimusPrime says

    Prices on ebay for this figure are retarded.

    I will gladly pay $16 shipped to anyone who picks one up for me!

  3. pscoop's Avatar pscoop says

    To think I debated between this and Ironhide.

    Sorry for the crappy pic too. It was taken in the car.

  4. Sol Fury's Avatar Sol Fury says

    I only just got Ironhide and now Magnus is showing up? Goodness, I hope I can find one at Auto Assembly! (I'll also take the Prime in the same assortment, but not for more than retail)

  5. Sumner Sturgeon's Avatar Sumner Sturgeon says

    Whoo! Now, to wait another 2 months or so for it to reach the East Coast...

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