Steve Jablonsky Scoring Transformers 4


One of this fan’s personal favorite things about the Transformers live-action movie series is the stirring score that accompanies the action. Whether it is the epic “Arrival to Earth” or Shockwave’s theme, the score for the three movies has never failed to set an appropriately epic musical backdrop to the gigantic robot-on-robot combat on the big screen. With composer Steve Jablonsky having masterfully scored three Transformers movies now, it should come as little surprise that he has recently updated his official website to include “Transformers 4” under his list of current and upcoming projects.

We don’t know much about Transformers 4 yet, but as we learn more we’ll be updating with the latest right here. But now we know one more thing – Transformers 4 will carry on the series tradition of epic orchestral scores.

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  1. ken8kuhletz08's Avatar ken8kuhletz08 says

    Nice, I love his compositions, including the ones from "Steam".

  2. shroobmaster's Avatar shroobmaster says

    Steve rocks. His music for Battleship was the only part of the movie I could stand.

  3. blackout501st's Avatar blackout501st says

    Awesome news. Aside from the CGI stuff, his music is the best part about the movies, and I've always enjoyed listening to his work.

  4. Grimlockimus's Avatar Grimlockimus says

    Originally Posted by megapork View Post
    Seriously calling it Trans4mers. That's just so weak.
    Just wait until we see the box art for the toys:

    Trans4mers: Rise of the pot mothers

  5. moreprimeland's Avatar moreprimeland says

    Great!! Another CD for my listen to while I drive. Awww.

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