Fall of Cybertron Metroplex Revealed, Escalation Returns


Ahead of E3, an early copy of the next edition of Gameinformer has stolen the thunder of High Moon Studios big E3 reveal for Fall of Cybertron, Metroplex. The big dude is shown in a screencap attached to the magazine’s latest coverage of Fall of Cybertron and as you can see he is very much his original Generation 1 self, reimagined in the Cybertronian style of the War / Fall of Cybertron series. Metroplex is set to play a pivitol role in Transformers Fall of Cybertron, and while from what we have heard so far you may not get to control the titanic Autobot directly, when you play as Optimus Prime you will have the ability to mark targets for Metroplex to deal with. How Metroplex deals with them is half the fun – we have seen him eliminate targets using missile strikes or by closing in to smash them with his mighty fists, depending on the context.

Discuss this new image and the look of Fall of Cybertron Metroplex here. Image credit goes to Foxdie on the Full Metal Hero boards.

But that is not the only news. The article around the image reveals that a fan-favorite element of Transformers War for Cybertron, the Escalation horde mode, is also set to return. Gameinformer reports that they have had a little hands-on time with the new mode, and will have some videos of it up in due course, so that is something to look forward to.

Discuss the return of Escalation in Fall of Cybertron here!

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  1. seekerblackout has no avatar! seekerblackout says

    Another unoriginal, boring, blocky-for-the-sake-of-being-blocky FOC design. What a surprise.

  2. Urizen123's Avatar Urizen123 says

    High Moon have been pretty much spot on with their character designs so far, but they really fumbled the ball with Metroplex; what in the name of Bonaparte's balls did they do to his head!?

    It just seems totally bizarre when the rest of the design is so slavishly faithful to G1 Metroplex!

    Originally Posted by seekerblackout View Post
    Another unoriginal, boring, blocky-for-the-sake-of-being-blocky FOC design. What a surprise.
    The original Metroplex was basically just a couple of humongous boxes stacked on top of one another. Like it or not, that boxiness is a fundamental part of his design. There's not really any way to rework it and have it still be recognizable as Metroplex.

    This is a G1-inspired game, and G1 is the bastion of blockiness. For me, this is a welcome palette cleanser after five years of the LAM franchise, where everything was spindly, chicken-legged, over-complicated and completely devoid of character. It was an interesting novelty for a while, but I'm utterly, utterly tired of that aesthetic. I applaud High Moon for bringing back the chunk. Jolly good show!

  3. The F.N.G.'s Avatar The F.N.G. says

    I have a feeling that he isn't fully transformed. I somehow doubt that would be the final, in-game appearance for Metroplex.

  4. Billzilla's Avatar Billzilla says

    I dig it. I would buy a toy of that. And complain it was too small.

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