Xovergen Trailerforce-01 Colored Prototype Images


By the way of their Facebook page, 3rd Party Group Xovergen has revealed colored prototype photos of their upcoming Trailerforce-01 product. This trailer upgrade accessory is based on God Ginrai/Powermaster Optimus Prime. The trailer transformers into an armor suit for Classics Prime, G1 Prime and Xovergen’s own version of Classics Optimus. In the new photos we also see comparisons with Generation 1 God Ginrai/Powermaster Optimus, the original Generation 1 Optimus, and the 1st Masterpiece Optimus Prime. Fans of the Masterforce Japanese series are sure to be happy with this one.

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  1. Optimus1116's Avatar Optimus1116 says

    Not only is Xovergen releasing a kit to make your Transformers Classics/Henkei Optimus Prime compatible with their Powermaster TrailerForce TF-01 upgrade set, but they are planning on releasing a completely retooled Classics/Henkei prime figure that will work with both their new Powermaster figure and the Generation 1 Powermaster figures as well! Despite the figure being heavily retooled I do not think it will affect the look of the robot mode as the kibble should just rotate to the back as it does on the original Classics/Henkei mold.

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  2. thedreaded1's Avatar thedreaded1 says

    If they are doing a complete retool, then make it have an openable chest compartment with removable matrix.

  3. Rewind's Avatar Rewind says

    The only retool of this mold I would be interested in is one that re-locates the enormous arm panels.

  4. kibble's Avatar kibble says

    Are they really looking to release a modified KO or just simply offer replacement parts for your existing fig?

  5. cylor's Avatar cylor says

    I think nobody has figured it out yet. These pictures are old, actually, they were shown BEFORE the recent ones where we can see what appears to be a henkey OP KO made to accomodate the powermaster figure.

  6. Anguirus's Avatar Anguirus says

    Seems an odd choice to design armor around an existing figure, then sell it with a KO of that figure. I get that it might expand their potential customer base, but then why even stick with the Classics Voyager design at all? (Unless previous design decisions forced their hand of course).

    Still, I thought I knew what this product was (posable PM trailer for Classics/Henkei OR G1 Optimus) and now it's just a weird, line-blurring thing.

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