iGear PP05 Ironhide / Ratchet Delayed to July 2012


A recent Facebook update from Robot Kingdom confirms what some among us waiting for iGear’s take on a Masterpiece grade Ironhide & Ratchet had feared – they have been delayed once again by iGear. Originally revealed way back in last June, these two highly anticipated releases have been delayed repeatedly since then.

The new release date is said to be in July 2012 – keep it TFW for more news on these and all other things Transformers related, be it news of a release or a further delay.

STAFF UPDATE: Igear has updated their Facebook page with a statement that says: The final release date for the PP05, it’s before July 15. I Just back from the factory, and make sure there are no more delay for them. We are sorry for the long time waiting… and thank you for your patience

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  1. Ejack37's Avatar Ejack37 says

    OK...I was gonna say..where is the paint? They are looking good, might be time to place my order soon.

  2. phoenix88 has no avatar! phoenix88 says

    looking good! I've had these figrues pre-ordered for me as a christmas present since just the holiday season. Hope we see release soon!

  3. deaculpa's Avatar deaculpa says

    They're okay, not at the top of my list at the moment. Interested in the final paint scheme though, and I'm glad they're moving forward now. These are what, big deluxes or small voyagers?

  4. payton34's Avatar payton34 says

    I originally preordered way back when it was first announced. I've long since cancelled the preorders. As long of a delay these have had, I'm going to wait until I hear some QC reports before I consider picking them up again.

  5. Geterman's Avatar Geterman says

    It is about F'n time! They look good. I hope they will have finished painted products ready for May 1st

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